Monday, December 17, 2018

Michigan Monday: Recruiting Weekend Re-cap

Michigan landed a very strong piece to its 2019 class on Friday night when 4 star OT Trevor Keegan committed to Michigan over Georgia and others.   As you know, building an offensive line that can  dominate is something we have lacked in Ann Arbor for what seems like 20 years now.

Trevor joins a strong offensive line class that includes G Nolan Rumler, OT Trente Jones, G Karsen Barnhart, G Zach Carpenter, and OT Jack Stewart.  Danielson Ike who was scheduled to take a 3 day visit this past weekend, had his visit cancelled.   Which is a pretty clear sign, Michigan is done with offensive line recruiting for this class.

Getting Trevor in this class is one of the most important pieces.  Welcome big man!

Michigan also received a public commitment from 4 star LB Anthony Solomon last night.  He decommitted from Miami and now will sign with Michigan on Wednesday.   This was not a shock or surprise as Anthony committed to Michigan weeks ago and was the reason for the "commit watch".

Solomon had offers from the likes of Alabama, BC, Clemson, Auburn, FSU, Georgia, and others.  Solomon took a long visit to Ann Arbor this summer and then picked Miami.  His heart was always in Ann Arbor and now he is a Wolverine.

Welcome home!

That is good news Bob, but what about the rest of the class?

The only one I feel comfortable about right now is 4 star CT WR Cornelius Johnson who just visited this past weekend and will announce on Wednesday.  

The 5 Stars:

Dax Hill:  The buzz is that Dax might now be leaning back towards Ann Arbor after Bama misled him.  He was tentative to be signing on Wednesday to either school, so we will probably have to wait for an update.  The buzz could also be wrong as not many players have done the reverse flip from Alabama.

Zach Harrison:  Nobody knows and most insiders believe he is leaning away from Michigan after OSU housed the Wolverines in Columbus.   That information still has to be 2nd or 3rd hand which could be accurate or not.   So this one is a coin flip.   One thing I would like to point out is all the Ohio guys that are coming to Ann Arbor as Gray Shirts, PWO's, and scholarship players.   Which could have a positive effect on Zach.   There are also reports that recruits are not sold on Ryan Day yet and what OSU will look like in future years.   Coin flip.

Quavaris Crouch is trending to Tennessee.   He is not coming to Ann Arbor.  He is also announcing at an all star game, so he won't be signing in two days.

Anyone else?

4 star Kalen Deloach took his final visit to FSU this weekend.  Reports out of the visit is he is solid with FSU and will sign with the Seminoles on Wednesday.   Sam Webb is not buying those reports and believes there is a chance Kalen will flip to the Wolverines on Wednesday.    So who knows.

I believe the takes are:

  1. Any and all 5 stars that want to commit
  2. WR Johnson
  3. LB Deloach
Some have speculated that when Solomon committed, Michigan didn't have room for Deloach.  Not true, he committed weeks ago and Michigan is still giving the Deloach's the full court press. 

Should be a fun couple of days. 


EzmoB said...

Bob how did Alabama mislead Hill? They told him coach Harbaugh was good as gone to the NFL? Their "sources" told them so?

I believe deep down inside, hill wants to be a wolverine.

Bob said...

That is WOTS, that Bama said that Harbaugh was off to the NFL and they probably also dropped the news that Don Brown was interviewing at Temple, which wasn't public at that time. Which prompted Jimmy to announce he wasn't going anywhere the day after the de-commit on ESPN.

Alabama is also trying to flip a safety at Ohio State, which others feel is a sign that Dax is favoring Michigan now.

Or it could be just a bunch of BS and Dax is still planning to attend Bama. The key will be if he signs on Wednesday or not. Dax's father had told Sam Webb (when he was committed to Michigan) that his son was planning to sign with his teammates in February.

EzmoB said...

Thanks for the info Bob.

Alex LaCruz said...

Why are all the players leaving Michigan now are five star Aubrey solomon is leaving as well...please ๐Ÿ—‘bugh leave.... because of his conservative play calling players know that they're not going to win a championship so they're bouncing

Alex LaCruz said...

I hope he goes to Alabama or Ohio State he will sit out a year play two years and win a national championship go boy do what's best for you... Michigan is going nowhere as long as Jim Harbaugh is calling plays

Goblu said...

Wait a minute... Abu-Alex, are you saying that you don’t like Harbaugh as the coach. Really??? That is major, shocking news!

Steve Zander said...

Maybe alex should decommit from this message board and leave.

Alex LaCruz said...

Na...i don't like his play calling bud...he is too conservative.... don't be shocked more and more high profile players are going to decommit... I'm telling you smart players are starting to realize that they're not going to win any championships staying with Michigan.... we need a coach who is aggressive not afraid to take chances

Alex LaCruz said...

High-profile players from 2016 and 2017 are bouncing

Jimmy 4 the Natty! said...

Harbaugh isn’t the problem. Pep Hamilton is the problem. He needs to go. Shea Patterson is a mobile QB and barely ran the ball. I remember hearing he is the second coming of Johnny Football. Running up the gut on 1st and 2nd down was painful.

Jimmy is the right figure head for a major program like Michigan. Guys like Brady Hoke or Ryan Day who have had minor successes cant handle the pressure from big league fan bases. Watch how quickly OSU changes directions.

Goblu said...

Alex-Abu doesn’t know sarcasm. Pls, pls, pls Alex, decommit from this Blog!

Jimmy is an excellent coach, and like any program, Michigan will take time to recover from a decade of irrelevance. We are now relevant. We soon will be good again. You, however, will remain both irrelevant and mediocre.

Alex LaCruz said...

Jimmy... it's not Pep it is Harbaugh... man I don't think you have been watching Michigan football for a while before Pep Hamilton got here they ran the same type of offense... two runs up the middle pass on third down to outside receivers on curl route... simple as counting 1 2 3

Alex LaCruz said...

This is a championship blog I'm not going anywhere๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

EzmoB said...

Coach Harbaugh isn't going anywhere. Happy to have him as our coach. Michigan is pumping kids to NFL. Cowell was talking about it the other day on his radio show, how Harbaugh is getting his players to the NFL. Our graduating rate is great and kids going to the NFL, our program is clean. Yes I'll take that all day. Just like how it took Harbaugh a minute to get rid of derveno, I'm sure pep Hamilton will see his way out as well.

Go blue!