Thursday, December 13, 2018

Michigan Thursday: The Emotional Roller Coaster

This has become our life as Michigan fans.  It's a Universal Studios roller coaster of emotions.  There is drama, suspense, success, failure, and even some departures.  

Welcome to the Big House Amusement Park would you like to buy a ticket?

Ride #1 Don Brown 

This is a very fast ride and if blink you might miss it.

Wednesday morning it was reported that Don Brown had not only interviewed for the head coaching job at Temple but was a finalist.   Shortly after that announcement it had become clear that Miami DC Manny Diaz was the favorite in the clubhouse and later that day accepted the job.

Ride #2 Coaches Shuffle 

This ride has a bunch of sudden stops and starts.  Be careful if you have a bad back.

The early signing period is now less then a week away and with all these coaches moving or not moving its really confusing things.   Don could have been gone yesterday, but wasn't.  Miami is struggling in recruiting this year and lost their best coaching asset.   We know about Urban checking out and rumors about DL coach Larry Johnson becoming the DC at Maryland.  Also we know about all the NFL rumors about Jim Harbaugh that he killed last week.

Ride #3 Early Signing Day 12/19

This ride is our most dangerous and can make you sick.  We only recommend it for kids that have graduated high school but will also make a number of older adults sick as well.

Michigan has a number of recruits coming in this weekend and others yet to make a decision.

Zach Harrison doesn't talk to anyone, so your guess is as good as mine.  There was something that happened for Sam Webb to put in his CB prediction, lets hope that continues to stand.

Cornelius Johnson is the outside WR Michigan needs, he will be visiting this weekend.

LB?  Anthony Solomon (no relation to Aubrey) will be visiting this weekend, he is a Miami commit and his recruiter? Manny Diaz.

Kalen DeLoach is visiting FSU this weekend so he can make a final decision on FSU or Michigan.

Ride #4 The Hill 

This ride has some serious highs and lows.  You will feel great, but out of nowhere you will feel sick.

Dax Hill surprised all of us on Saturday by decommitting from Michigan.  We had heard that he was making a 40 year decision, it wasn't all about football, and Ann Abor/U of M was a perfect fit for him.  Then he flipped to Bama on Saturday out of the blue.  

Now its starting to leak that Dax might have been sold by some coaches that Harbaugh was good as gone to the NFL.   Dax was always a risk not to sign next Wednesday as his father is on record as saying Dax wanted to sign with his teammates in February.

How to get thrown out of the park

We also got some troubling news yesterday as RB O'Maury Samuels was dismissed from the team.  He was arrested this past weekend on a domestic abuse and destroying property charge.

I hate to see these situations.

Hope you enjoyed your visit! 


Steve Zander said...

Glad Don stayed with us.

Tim said...

Yep. Agreed Steve.

EzmoB said...

Only job I can see coach brown leaving for is HC position for Boston College. Boston College extended their HC contract so I guess we will still have coach brown. The main dude is staying.

Rudy T said...

I've never had the burden of being a 5-star recruit but my guess is that there's so much dubious play going on behind the scenes. The Jimmy-to-NFL every year is a recruiting tactic used by competitors to influence young minds. Surely, there's much worse that some of these dirt bags do. It's been said that the Cryer is an excellent recruiter which I think means...the Cryer has no limit on what he'll do for a recruit or what yarn he'll spin.

Alex LaCruz said...
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Alex LaCruz said...

Timmy are we still a elite 🏈 program...?

Alex LaCruz said...

Look guys I love Don Brown.... I think he's a good human being... but he needs to find the door and leave.... look at last four years versus Ohio State each year he gave up over 400 yards and they scored over 40 points... get Durkin back here.... news is that Durkin Have been found roaming around Alabama

Goblu said...

Alex-Abu, Mich lost to Ohio when Durkin was coaching too. The players all hated him (as do the MD players). Current Mich players want him back as much as we want to see your posts.

Alex LaCruz said...
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Alex LaCruz said...
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Alex LaCruz said...
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Alex LaCruz said...

What if he changed?...when Durkin was a DC ...Great OSU won a national championship that year... I don't recall us getting embarrassed.....I am hoping throughout this process he learned from him mistakes and most importantly he understands that respecting another person is one of the most important part of our daily lives...he deserves a second chance...and hopefully, this enlighten and brings out the best in him....

Blue for Life!!

Who is watching other Bowls games besides, Michigan?

Steve Zander said...

I knew that first comment would draw him out. Let's all meet at the Peach Bowl and have a beer and a good old Round Table.

Alex LaCruz said...

Steve, I don't drink...but, that is a good idea!!

Steve Zander said...

Choice of drink is up to you.