Thursday, December 20, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Higdon Out For Peach and Michigan's Class Rank

This was the worst kept secret in the program.  Higdon hasn't been practicing and reports are he id home in Florida.  This morning he announced he won't be playing in the Peach Bowl.   There has also been some rumors flying around that Higdon's family was not happy about how he was used in the OSU game and wasn't recognized at the football banquet.

For those keeping score at home, Michigan will be without their starting RB - Higdon, DE- Gary, and LB - Bush for the Peach Bowl.   Luckily, Michigan's talented CB's Hill and Long are practicing and expected to play.  Both where rumored to also be considering sitting out.

Michigan by all services had the top recruiting class in the Big Ten.  Yes, we know the recruiting cycle is not over until the February timeframe, but Michigan is really only looking to sign their two committed prospects and maybe a RB and another DT.

Here is how Michigan ranked on the major services, along with their top rivals:

#8 Michigan
#10 Penn State
#12 OSU
#13 ND
28 MSU

#4 Michigan
#10 ND
#11 OSU
#12 PSU
#28 MSU

#9 Michigan
#10 PSU
#11 ND
#20 OSU
#33 MSU

ESPN was much higher on Michigan's class and 24/7 and Rivals were very close.   Rivals is significantly lower on OSU and MSU.   The Buckeyes lost two 4 star guys on Wednesday but did pick up Zach Harrison.  MSU's class was highlighted by the Belleville kids and rest of the class was 3 stars.

Saying James Franklin is the most over rated coach in college football maybe accurate, but the man can recruit.

Even though ESPN is considerd the lowest quality of all the recruiting services, they do have the largest platform which didn't hurt the Wolverines yesterday.   I don't have an ESPN insider subscription to know which players are higher ranked, but I do know they are very high on DT Mazi Smith.  So are we!

Some of you might be wondering which recruits from yesterday, will be enrolling early and be on campus in a couple of weeks.   Here is the list as we know it right now:

Cade McNamara

Zach Charbonnet

Erick All

Jack Stewart

Mazi Smith

David Ojabo

Gabe Newburg

Jalen Perry

Mike Sainristil
Who are the DT's Michigan might be looking to sign?
The two guys they offered late in the cycle.  Neither signed yesterday but favoring Penn State. 
  • D’Von Ellies
  • Jared Harrison-Hunte
Guys like Crouch and Ford also didn't sign but are still considered a reach for the Wolverines.  The other area that could be a concern is RB depth.   TE could also be an add for one of the remaining spots. 


Tim said...

Thanks Bob for the continued updates.

This bowl season demonstrates why it was a good idea for the NCAA to change the redshirt rule. With a number of guys sitting out glad we at least have the option to play a number of freshman and they can keep their redshirt.

EzmoB said...

Bob I'm hearing Crouch is still in play and coaches will continue to recruit him.

Also I don't know how Michigan will offer more scholarships for 2019? We need 1 or 2 more DT's to have depth. Grad transfers would be the way to go.

Cormac said...

I don't think that including Bush's name as one of those that are sitting out the Peach Bowl is entirely true. Yes, he is "sitting" out but that is only because he hasn't been cleared medically to either practice or play in the Peach Bowl. It would be entirely different if he were sitting out the game for the reason that the others are.

Steve Zander said...

Interesting reading.

EzmoB said...

Aubrey Solomon was a pre-madona from what the people were saying. He wanted the coaches to baby him after his injury and coach Mattison rode his ass. Now he is give. Hudson thought he was the man and wasn't putting in 100% coach Warriner wasn't having it. Coach Warriner was not happy with a lot of the guys on the OL thus us having many OL recruits coming in.

Good read non the less.