Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Early Signing Day Eve

Its amazing that the Michigan Football news cycle is pretty much non-stop.  Recruits committing and de-committing, wining and losing games, beating and losing to rivals, coaches coming and going, and players transferring.  

Tomorrow is a big day for Michigan Football as recruiting is any programs life line from good to great.   So today we preview things that might and should happen tomorrow as the early signing period opens.   

Swing for the fence:  These are elite recruits that have a chance of signing with Michigan tomorrow.  
Dax Hill - we have no idea what is going on with this recruitment, is he still solid with Alabama?  Is he going to sign on Wednesday or in February?  Would be a huge win back if somehow his LOI got to Ann Arbor.  

Zach Harrison - will make his twitter public, tweet his choice, and send in his LOI around noon on Wednesday.  Nobody knows anything here.   Finalist are Michigan, OSU, and PSU.   Michigan has been losing CB's and best guess is he stays at home with all the local pressure.     Michigan insiders are now admitting he is heading to Ohio State.  This one is over. 

Looking Good - Kids have high probability to sign with Michigan on Wednesday.

Cornelius Johnson 4 star WR from CT.  Visited last weekend and there is a good chance he is headed for a commit on Wednesday.  Mother attended U of M Medical School and father attended Stanford.  With Stanford and ND classes getting tight, Ann Arbor seems like a good choice. 

Kalen Deloach is a 4 star LB that is expected to stick with his FSU commitment who is coached by a Harbaugh friend.  Seems parents really want Michigan and son likes FSU being closer to home and having a number of friends going there.   I expect he will stay with FSU but there is a chance Michigan gets the LOI.    

Expected to Sign: 
  • Zach Charbonnet near 5 star RB 
  • Chris Hinton 4 star DT
  • Mazi Smith 4 star DT
  • Nolan Rumler 4 star OG 
  • Trevor Keegan 4 star OT
  • Trente Jones 4 star OT
  • Anthony Solomon 4 star LB 
  • Jalen Perry 4 Star CB
  • Cade McNamara 4 star QB
  • Giles Jackson 4 star WR
  • David Ojabo 4 star DE
  • Karsen Barnhart 4 star OG
  • Erik All 4 star TE 
  • Quinten Johnson 4 star S
  • Mike Morris 3 star DE
  • DJ Turner 3 star CB
  • Charles Thomas 3 star LB 
  • Zach Carpenter 3 star OG 
  • Jack Stewart 3 star OT
  • Mike Sainristil 3 star CB
  • Gabe Newburg 3 star DE 
  • Amauri Pesek-Hickson 3 star WR
  • George Johnson 3 star Athlete
  • Quintel Kent 3 star WR
  • Joey Velazquez 3 star Viper
Michigan doesn't have the best luck with securing 5 stars at the bell, so lets predict that Dax and Zach make other decisions.   I also think Johnson will sign with Michigan at WR.   

If that happens and Michigan signs all the "expected to sign" guys,  this is still a very good class.  Michigan addressed the offensive line, LB and speed on the outside on offense.   With the loss of Aubrey Solomon, Michigan will need to try to get another DT between now and February.   As depth at DT has now become a concern.   Michigan offering a number of DT's the last few weeks was a clear sign they knew what was happening with Aubrey. 

Michigan is expected to sign 26 players tomorrow. 


Scott K said...

Getting Zach Harrison was going to be an impossible task. Anyone who has spent any amount of time in c'bus would understand. He probably really wants to go somewhere other than osu, he probably would rather be a Wolverine. The reality is (and it is reality) his family would pay dearly. There is a large number of people in that fan base that are complete and total douche bags. Just ask Herbie, a former team captain, who actually moved out of ohio because of the shit his kids were taking in school because he 'tried' to be unbiased doing is job.

Alex LaCruz said...

That's not true Scott there are thousands of athletes that go play at a different University besides their hometown... if Backlash was such a big issue no athletes woulf dare to commit to another University besides their hometown

Alex LaCruz said...

Only delusional ignorant Michigan fans talk like that.... if Michigan was like Alabama I'm telling you there be no issue players like Zack Harrison coming to Michigan

Steve Zander said...

You mean the Alabama that gives one year scholarships?!?

Alex LaCruz said...

What do you mean they give one-year scholarship.. none of their players leave they stay and they wait for their turn that's how they develop players and win championship year after year

Steve Zander said...

Now who's delusional?

Alex LaCruz said...

You and the rest of the fans who thinks we are a power house football program....remember HALF championship in past 80 years....!!

Scott K said...

Alex, you're entitled to your opinion. Just remember, its only your opinion. Have you ever spent any time in columbus?

You sound like a 12 year old.

Steve Zander said...

Michigan in head to head competition against OSU and Alabama does not have a losing record against either. These are the two powerhouses you keep referring to, correct Alex?
Secondly I never posted we were a power house.
And half a championship is still a championship.

Alex LaCruz said...
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