Friday, January 18, 2019

Michigan Friday: What About Pep?

The strangest situation hovering around Michigan's program right now is the status of Pep Hamilton.  His replacement has been hired (Josh Gattis) but he still remains on staff and is owed some pretty big money.   Pep is still under contract and is owed $1M this year and $1.25 next.  I don't know about you, but I'm not walking away from $2.25M anytime soon.

This situation also effects "coach in waiting" Ben McDaniels (brother of Josh OC of the Patriots).  His twitter profile says he is the WR Coach but officially he isn't.   With the hiring of Shaun Nua yesterday, Michigan is full at 10 coaches.   Ben has been out recruiting and now has to come home to get some rest.   As the Wolverines can only have assistant coaches out on the road recruiting.

We know Pep has been interviewing for other jobs but hasn't found anything yet.  The NFL jobs are filling up fast and time is ticking away.   So what happens if Pep doesn't find another job?  Two things could happen:

1) Michigan might have the highest paid WR/QB coach in the nation
2) Pep would resign and walk away from the $2.25

Drevno walked away in late February last season, so there is a precedent here, but as I mentioned before that is a ton of cash to walk away from.
  • Speaking of NFL assistant coaching jobs Larry Foote is the new LB coach at Tampa Bay. 

  • Michigan is carpet bombing the 2020 and 2021 class right now with offers. 

  • Mel Kiper's latest Mock has Gary at 9 (Bills) and Bush at 20 (Steelers).

  • Michigan might have its toughest road game of the year on Saturday at noon against Wisconsin.  I watched MSU for the first time last night and they are for real.  Michigan and MSU should have some great match-ups later this season. 

  • Enjoy Sunday to see if the 🐐 can make another Super Bowl.

  • Does this photo from Thursday make anyone else stomach feel sick? That is Ron Bellamy HC at West Bloomfield and former Michigan WR in the middle. 


Goose said...

Really weird seeing Mattison in that osu sweater.

EzmoB said...

He is going to go after Michigan recruits.

Scott K said...

Day looks like one creepy bastard.....

Cervantes18 said...

Haha he really does.... Mattison looks terrible as well.... not inpsiring...

EzmoB said...

Day looks like the creepy grinch.