Monday, January 7, 2019

Michigan Monday: Michigan Assistant Coaching Rumors and National Championship Night

Let's start with the NC game tonight.  Has anyone seen this game before?  Yes, it's the two best teams in college football and its not even close.   I guess the only issue with tonight's game is that its 2000 miles away from each campus and tickets are going for well below face value.  

I expect a fairly close game tonight as this should be a defensive battle.  The wildcard tonight is a true freshman QB for Clemson, who hasn't faced an Alabama defense yet.  I also hear it has been raining hard for the last few days and the field is really a mess.  Better get those helicopters in there!  Alabama 27 Clemson 21

Michigan has some issues on both sides of the football that need to be fixed.

Defense - can't play zone
Offense - is boring and predictable

The way you fix that is through is coaching and both sides of the ball could use some new blood and a some new voices.

Pep -Is expected to move on but nothing on the radar.   The reason is there are so many NFL openings right now and it's expected that Pep will head to the NFL as a position coach.  Lions had some interest and then they fired Jim Bob.

Don Brown - Is still in play for Temple, which opening is expected to be wrapped up this week.   The coaching convention was last week and the rumor mill was saying that Temple would do a number of interviews there.   The latest name is the Northern Illinois head coach, Rod Carey.   Don going to Temple is not a lock.  Rumor is that other programs are also considering Don as well.   Its strange to think Don would be available for other DC jobs, but it seems that might be the case right now.

Greg Mattison - is considering retirement.  My best guess is that he stays at least one more year, but if Don leaves,it could have an effect here.   Greg's contract is also up this month.    Reports are now are that Greg Mattison is now heading to be Ohio State's DC after Day has fired Greg Schanio.   This seems like a strange move for a number of reason.   1 - OSU just put up 62 on Michigan's defense and Greg's unit got zero pressure.  2- Greg is very close to retirement 3- It's Ohio State.   I know his contract is up at Michigan and I guess he really wants to be a DC.

Al Washington - to Ohio State had a lot of legs the last couple of weeks.  Rumor is that Al was offered but turned it down as it would have been a lateral move.  He also has an opportunity to move up at Michigan if some of the above plays out.   A raise is expected here to keep Al happy.

Ed Warinner - was the best coach on staff last year and helped turn around a dreadful offensive line.  He is also inline for a nice pay raise.

John Bonamego - former CMU head coach was/is temporarily on Jimmy's staff for the Peach Bowl.  Michigan would love to keep him as the Special Teams coach, but they don't have an opening at the moment.   He is probably headed to the NFL as well, once all the dust settles with all the head coaching openings.

Hello Brandon Johns!

Michigan Basketball took its record to 15-0 last night after a nice 74-63 win over top 25 Indiana.   The "rust" over the last month was gone and Michigan played with intensity from the tip.   With Livers still out with a bad back and Michigan's bigs getting in some foul trouble, East Lansing's own Brandon Johns played 13 minutes and got an 8&8 (8 points and 8 rebounds).   That was his first real playing time of the year and he looked very good on defense and getting some boards.  I expect he will be in the 8 man rotation even when Livers comes back.

The Wolverines were led by strong PG play from Simpson and scoring from Poole and Matthews.   I have a theory that Charles Matthews loves playing on CBS.  He played great in the tournament last year and last night first half might have been his best half at Michigan.   There was a number of NBA scouts at the game and Charles played very well.

Michigan travels to Illinois on Thursday.

  • Michigan signed WR commit Cornelius Johnson had two TD's catches in the All American Game All Star game on Saturday.   Dax Hill actually had a couple rough missed tackles but enjoyed himself during the week.  Hilton also had a fumble recovery.  

  • Lynn Swann to block Kliff Kingsbury from interviewing with the Jets and the Cardinals is just petty and stupid.   I could see him not allowing other college programs from interviewing him but blocking the NFL is just petty.  

  • As expected 5 star QB Justin Fields is transferring to Ohio State.  Tate Martell is probably pretty upset and maybe considering his options.  Haskins is still expected to announce he is entering the NFL Draft but hasn't done it yet.  Justin will apply for a waiver for immediate playing time.  He did have an issue with a Georgia baseball player and that might be the basis for immediate playing time. 

  • Michigan Hockey also beat ND in ND Stadium on Saturday.   Having a Michigan win in that building is nice! 


Goose said...

Mattison is going to osu.

EzmoB said...

Bob what in the world is happening right now!?!? Coach Mattison just took the DC job at OSU?!?! I think I died a little.

EzmoB said...

Greg Schiano I think we'll get a HC job some where. Temple maybe....

EzmoB said...

From what I'm reading in the news world. Coach Harbaugh and brown were not going to renew coach Mattison contract so he basically had no choice.

I am legit bummed out about this. Coach Mattison is one of the best defensive coaches in the country and one of the best recruiters. He is one of my favorite coaches on the staff. This is a big body blow.

Coach Harbaugh and coach brown time to step your game way up.

EzmoB said...

Just got a text from a buddy of mine.... saying the contact not being renewed is false report.

Cormac said...

Sam Webb has said that the rumor that GM's contract wasn't renewed is FALSE!

I have one word for GM. Judas.