Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Are You Watching?

If I could put a game on tape to show everyone what Michigan isn't, that would be the NC game last night.

Clemson has one of the best RB's in the country and rushed for 135 yards.  They threw for 347 yards or like I say, throw to run.   Clemson gets the ball to it's playmakers.

Clemson's defense showed Tua a bunch of different formations and blitzes.   Yes, their front 4 was able to get pressure but the defensive backfield was confusing the talented sophomore QB all night.   They just didn't play the way they have been all year.

Plays don't win games, players do.   I think Jimmy believes just the opposite, but I don't.  I think you have to feed your best most talented players to win big games.   This is mostly true in college football and probably conflicts with Jimmy's NFL sensibilities.

Clemson blew out Bama last night but Bama on offense was also passing to run, their issue was turnover and the defense not being able to stop a Surfer Dude.

Well it seems my Greg Mattison post yesterday afternoon, might not hold up a day or two.   OSU has now also approached Michigan coach Al Washington with an offer.  I had heard, that had already happened and Al had turned the Buckeyes down.  That information seems to have been incorrect and Al has a decision to make.   Like I said yesterday, this would be a bigger loss then losing Greg to Columbus.

Jimmy will work hard to keep Al with a raise and probably a promotion to DL coach to replace Mattison.  Hopefully that approach will be successful.  It also seems like there is room for John B the former CMU coach as a special teams coach, if they want to go in that direction.

Update: Reports are that Al is now headed to Ohio State

If your wondering, still no new news on the Temple head coaching search.  Strange they are moving this slow, the longer this takes the more I believe Don Brown is not the choice.

Update: Bruce Feldman reports that  offensive coordinator/OL coach Joe Rudolph interviewed for the Temple job and was very impressive. Reports are that EMU's head man is also being interviewed.


EzmoB said...

Bob AL Washington signed with OSU as a LB coach.

chipper said...

I read your comments yesterday on Greg Mattison, I do not agree with you. He was an excellent recruiter in Michigan and Ohio. And the not developing talent is off base. Then Michigan loses another exellent young recruiter in Al Washington to OSU. He was the state of Ohio recruiter. He had built a great relationship with Zac Harrison, but Michigan getting blown out by OSU changed his mind. It really smells bad, both coaches to your biggest rival. Spin it anyway you want, not a good day for Harbaugh. People should be a little freaked out. The coaching turnover at Michigan is not good.

Cormac said...

I agree with chipper. When it rains, it pours.

RSC50 said...

I'm with Chipper as well. What's with the coaching attrition?

Steve Zander said...

I think there's something up as well. Give it a few days and we'll find out.

Rudy T said...

Also agree, Jimmy's house is not in order. And no press release from Jimmy wishing them well or any comment. He's in the bunker. More than losing good coaches, losing the recruiting prowess of these two is huge. Hopefully we won't hear of any decommitting.

Goblu said...

Yeah. I keep looking for a comment from JH. Think he should say something.... has to be deafening silence for recruits.

Steve Zander said...

Kind of relevant, interesting info.


Tommertoffo said...

10-3 and everyone is pissed.
We blew out most teams except Northwestern and the games we lost.
We totally destroyed Penn State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Maryland (who beat Texas). We dominated MSU as well...just not by additionally by the score.

...and the world is nonetheless still coming to the end.

C'mon, people, stop your pathological complaining. We're getting there. Most of you had us 8-5 "at best" with Harbaugh's "archaic offense" after the ND game....so, I'm not interested in your "expert analysis".

Voice of Reason said...

I apologize for posting, especially since last year I promised that last March would be my very last post. Nevertheless, after reading all of the comments about how badly Michigan is doing and that something terrible must be going on inside Schembechler Hall or else the staff wouldn't be leaving. Well, I am compelled to go back on my promise and make a statement.

First, I think that Greg Mattison should go if his heart is not here at Michigan. He's left before and he coached for our rivals and so we shouldn't be surprised. Al Washington and Mattison were known as good recruiters. The media lauded them so that osu picked up on it. Keep in mind that Al Washington was already coaching right under their noses at Cincinnati and no one at osu noticed him until he came here. They don't need him to develop players, they needed to get him away from Michigan.

Yes, it's a business and by virtue of the fact that Mattison went to osu instead of let's say Louisville or some other place says a lot. This is a cut throat business just look around you. Remember just about a year ago alabama went after Chris Partridge and when they couldn't get him they had Dan Enos to circumvent his "No Complete Contract" to not go to another SEC school by signing with Michigan (without coaching a second) and then turn right around and resign and go sign with alabama. The ethos of the coaching employment hiring practices leaves a lot to be desired. We hired Don Brown right from under Boston College and we didn't think twice about it. We hired Coach John Beilein from WVU and still didn't think twice. C'est la vie.

Nevertheless, we shouldn't get upset when staff comes and goes because there is little to no loyalty anyway. Even Bo Schembechler had about 15 of his assistants go on to become head coaches at other places. That doesn't take into account those that didn't become head coaches. Even today, mighty alabama has lost assistants, eg, Jeremy Pruitt to Tennessee, Kirby Smart to Georgia, Lane Kiffin to Florida International, Michael Locksley to Maryland, and Brian Daboll to the NFL. I am probably missing some others but my point is that when you look at the staff of other major successful programs, they lose staff.

The current defending Super bowl champion Eagles lost their OC and QB coaches after the super bowl. My point being is that, that is how it works in sports. You would be (IMO) mistaken to blame coach Harbaugh for his staff moving on to other jobs. All head coaches likely have a list of candidates that they like "when" the inevitable happens. We think that because we're Michigan that no one should want to leave us but the truth is that coaches use schools like Michigan to help them climb up their professional ladder. Even Don Brown has said that he's keeping his eyes open. So when good coaches leave you find and hire other good coaches to replace them...period!

Michigan has only one coach (from the Schembechler era) that has been with the program under Bo for the entire 21 years and that was Jerry Hanlon. In addition to being a great coach, he also indicated that this is a great institution and that he was apart of something bigger than himself. When you find a great coach that has that sort of insight then you know you have something special. IMHO!!!

EzmoB said...

Voice of reason, you need to post more often. Need good insight on here.

After thinking this over today. Most of us over reacted. Coach Mattison is 70 and about to retire. He did great for us and we thank him for that. Good luck to coach Mattison. Before coach Harbaugh hired AL Washington no one really knew him. Low level assistant, good recruiter yes but is this the end of the world, hell no. We are Michigan, we will get over this and be better. Coach Harbaugh will most certainly find better coaches..

Coaches want to be part of coach Harbaugh coaching team. Yes he is stubborn but he can coach. His coaching branches are all over the places now. Not only is coach Harbaugh putting kids in the NFL he is also developing coaches.

We are Michigan and he will be just fine! Go Blue!

Goblu said...

I’m not sure we over reacted. I think there clearly is an issue on the coaching staff that two high profile Assistants leave for your rival in consecutive days. It probably would be mitigated somewhat if JH would says something. His silence leads to speculation and assumptions that may or may not be right.

Scott K said...

Maybe since the Dline got ZERO pressure vs osu and very little pressure vs FL it was deemed we needed a change, and that being said, Matti decided to move on. if the best osu could do for a DC is a 70 year old guy who hasn't been a DC in years.... good for us.

Over reaction is what Michigan fans do best. Until the osu game Don Brown was worshiped on every blog, message board, etc. After the osu game people were calling for his replacement!

We'll be fine. I hope Matti and Al have as much success against Michigan as Andrew Dakich did.


Bob said...

VOR Welcome Back! Please share more thoughts. Heck, I will even put them in a post on the front page if you prefer!