Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: Michigan Beats Ohio State

Now that is a good headline!   Michigan Basketball had a dominating win in the second half over the Buckeyes 65-49 last night.   For those of us not in attendance, we had to watch the beginning of the game on the ESPN App as the prior game went into OT.  The ESPN streaming feed was in Spanish.
As you know by now, the game was highlighted by Zavier Simpson who is the 6th player in Michigan history to record a triple double.

The game in the first half and early into the second was a pretty ugly affair.   Both teams had terrible offense and Michigan was struggling with OSU's Zone.   The Wolverines clearly ran away in the second half with better outside shooting and good defense.   To top off Simpson's night, his triple double came with zero turnovers.    Poole went for 15 and Iggy had 14 in a win on a cold night in Ann Arbor.  

  • Coach B tied Johnny Orr in Big Ten wins at Michigan (120) last night. 

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Rudy T said...

Mom of a suckeye player complained that the UM Student Section was worse she's ever seen and was shocked that the school admin didn't do something about them. Newsflash for Moms: go sit in the suckeye student section when UM is in town, pick the sport. You'll see as bad or worse than what you saw in AA. Your boy got beat Mom, suck it up and go home. The last school UM needs to take a lecture on behavior is from THE Suckeye U.