Monday, February 4, 2019

Michigan Monday: The Legend/Curse of Tom Brady

For the life of me I have been trying to figure out, What the hell is wrong with Michigan Football?   In my mind, it started with App. State and continues today.   Michigan can't beat Ohio State and has never played in the Big Ten Championship game.   The Wolverines have 4 and 5 star talent and a very strong coaching staff and still can't get over the hump.  We know the situation all too well.  

Then something hit me as Tom Brady was walking off the field as a Super Bowl Champion for the 6th time in 9 tries.  Michigan won't get back to being Michigan until Tom Brady retires.   Why?  Because we had the greatest football champion as our QB and all we wanted was Mr. High School All American Drew Henson to play.  We are being punished by the Football Gods,

Yes folks, you have heard about the curse of the Bambino now we have the curse of Mr. America Tom Brady.   It's a bit of strange curse, because Tom doesn't hold any ill will towards U of M and the Michigan fan base is very proud of what he has accomplished in the NFL.   So how do we reverse the curse?

Michigan needs to go "Major League" on Schembechler Hall, hire Jobu and cleanse the entire building including the Big House.   Pray to the football gods to share the Championship Glory that Tom Brady has rightfully owned since he left Ann Arbor.   There has to be room in there for his college team!

On a side note, during the Jobu cleanse it wouldn't hurt if everyone was wearing the TB12 Recovery Sleepwear and Uggs. :-)

Congratulations to the GOAT for his 6th Super Bowl! 

  • In what seems like not so great news, Rivals is reporting that Michigan has told Amauri Pesek-Hickson not to sign on Wednesday. That the team will be looking for defensive line grad transfers instead.   I don't like the timing of that decision and hope he was aware of what was going on for a couple of months.   When kids don't sign in December, I think there is big risk on both sides.  

  • So Ty Law had a good weekend!  Saturday named to the Hall of Fame, Sunday his team wins the Super Bowl

  • More PWO News: Matt Harrison, Samih Beydoun, and Zonterio Weekley!  Welcome! 


EzmoB said...

Bob what's going on with Evans? Have you heard anything? Rumors are he is not with the team anymore.

Mike Tebbe said...

Sounds like Evans is gone for classroom issues