Monday, March 25, 2019

Michigan Monday: Getting More Big Sleep

By now you know Michigan beat Florida Saturday night.  It wasn't the prettiest game as both teams played solid defense and caused the other to shoot poorly.   Michigan was led by Jordan Poole with  19 points and Livers added 10 with a great late game dunk.   No other Wolverine scored in double figures.

Iggy struggled again offensively with 5 points and March Madness Matthews added great defense but only scored  9 points.   We all know the value that Zavier Simpson brings to the team but this team is completely different when Jon "Big Sleep" Teske is not in the game.   Jon gives the Wolverines such a big presence on both sides of the ball.  On offense, his pick and roll offense is key for the Wolverine having good ball movement, which equals better offense.   When he is on the bench, the Wolverines get one dimensional and the ball movement dies.   Jon provides great defense as a  7'1 human being for opponents to shoot over.  If I could pick one area where Jon has really improved, its how quickly his moves his feet on defense.   It's really impressive for a big man.

Michigan will need everyone on top of their game as they play a similarly strong defensive squad (KenPom #1 and #2 top defensive teams) in Texas Tech on Thursday at 9:39 PM EST in California.

  • We should know more about Chris Evans status as a Michigan student in about two weeks.  He has filed his appeal and we should hear a decision soon.  Chris right now is taking online courses and working as a delivery person in Ann Arbor.   I don't know what he did, but he is a good kid and I hope he gets a second chance.   

  • Michigan Football has 4 practices under their belt now in Spring Practice and Coach Gattis is liking how the team is transitioning to the #Speed in Space offense.   He said the Wolverines are not going to huddle and will be throwing the ball downfield, but will also have a pro style running game as well. 

  • Instate 2020 WR Maliq Carr was back on campus on Sunday. He is planning to announce his decision in October.

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