Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Who is this Jim Harbaugh?

Jimmy hired an offensive coordinator and has completely given him the keys to the offense.  

That offense is expected to be a no-huddle spread.

That offense will probably de-emphasis the fullback position.

Now Jimmy has given us a verbal depth chart for Spring Practice.

What the hell have you done with our coach?  Has there been an alien attack at Schembechler Hall?

Let's recap what Jimmy said on his podcast.

*please note DP-J, Nico Collins, Lavert Hill, and Michael Dwumfour are out this spring and are starters.  


TE: Called Sean McKeon "Elite" this spring, Nick Eubanks also doing a good job.  Backup: Muhammad

DE: Hutchinson and Paye - Backup: Luiji Vilain

DT: Jeter at 3-tech and Kemp at Nose - Mazi Smith is Kemp's backup

LB: Viper = Hudson, SAM = Uche, Mike = Ross and Anthony back-ups: McGrone and Gil

CB: Right: Thomas - Left: Gray - Nickel: Brad Hawkins (moved from safety)  back-up nickel is JK-P

Special Teams:

Long Snapper: Cheeseman - Michigan also has a Grad Transfer coming in as well (no name given). 

Punt Return:  Ronnie Bell backup Mike Sainristil 

Kicker:  Nordin and Moody in competition

Guys that are making some noise this spring include:  Mike Sainristil at WR, they even let some practice video out on social media.  He looks really good and fast.   

Erik All:  Per Jimmy:  "The new guy on the scene at tight end is Erick All. Doing an unbelievably great job. Doesn’t always know what he’s doing, but he’s always doing it full-speed – you love that.

  • The new pro football league the AAF looks to be days away from folding.  They are hoping for support from the NFL and that doesn't seem to be on the horizon.   I believe the NFL needs a minor league to develop players, coaches, rules, and officials.    If not now, when?  

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Cormac said...

My thoughts on the "no huddle" offense.

I'll believe it when I see it. I think that Michigan will still huddle. I don't think radical surgery was needed to the "patient" for it to improve. A streamlining of the play-calling process, more calls to better reflect personnel here last fall. A replacement of the glacial pace of the offense.