Thursday, May 16, 2019

Michigan Thursday: It's Starting To Come Undone

Michigan Basketball program has gone from the Final 4 to Sweet 16 to now with a future in doubt.   The Wolverines don't currently have a head coach, losing 3 players with eligibility to the NBA's second round, and now losing recruits.  

Jalen Wilson has asked to be let out of his Michigan LOI.  Can't blame the kid, he doesn't know who he will be playing for.  

This is why all the pressure is on Warde.  He has to make a good and quick decision.  This can't be a 2 month process, he needs to move with lighting speed and get the right coach to Ann Arbor or next year and the years to come will start crumbling. 

  • Michigan looking at Shaka Smart at Texas (Yikes!)
  • That Billy Donovan said "No thanks"
  • For me its more and more looking like it has to be Juwan Howard.


Cormac said...

I agree about it should be Juwan! Here is my reasoning;

1.) He's a Michigan Man!
2.) He's a highly respected (assistant) coach who could be an NBA head coach
3.) he could bring a certain degree of swagger to the program
4.) unlike some Michigan fans, I don't think that Michigan needs a homerun hire a Billy Donovan or someone like him.

One other thing, he could always help with the big men!

Dvzk said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Juwan Howard multiple times when he was playing at Michigan, by multiple I mean over 10 times and I came away knowing that his character was unmatched by anyone on the team or in the coaching staff at the time. I don't know how he'll be as a head coach x's and o's wise but I know he won't be one to put the program in legal jeopardy like Pitino and Miller have at their "formerly respected institutions" let's hope he can draw Jalen Wilson back in and hang onto Cole.who knows maybe he'll bring Jimmy King and Jaylen Rose back as assistants.this is ofcourse all assuming he's the "GUY"

Unknown said...

I is very difficult to know for sure on a hire such as this. Here, the risks are very high relative to the historical (poor) returns. This is reality.