Friday, July 12, 2019

Michigan Friday: Does Michigan Have a Secret Weapon on Defense?

We know this Michigan team pretty well.   Yes, we hope the offense is more open with Josh Gattis calling the plays but we know the players and their ability.

The same for the defense, except one player.   Graduate transfer Mike Danna from Central Michigan.  He is been on campus for a couple weeks and already impressing the coaches and seems very happy to be in Ann Arbor.

"I've only been here for about two weeks so far, but it feels like I've been here for years because of how nice everyone has been," Danna said. "I can't even imagine what that feeling will be like coming out of that tunnel and onto the field for the first time."

"It wasn't a long decision process, because it's always been a dream of mine to play football at Michigan," Danna said, noting that his family appreciates the shorter drive from Detroit to Ann Arbor. "My eggs were all in one basket when U-M came calling, and it's an honor and a pleasure to be here." "I pride myself on being a hard worker and separating myself from the pack — on the field, in the weight room and in the classroom," Danna said, stating that he did think about the NFL as a possibility after graduating from Central Michigan this spring. "I figured one more year of college football at a prestigious program like Michigan would be icing on the cake."

Just to remind you Mike, had 9.5 sacks and 15 TFL's last year alone at Central.  Yes, you never know how a graduate transfer will fit, but so far so good!  Even Jimmy seems impressed so far.

"We knew he was good – we really did,” Harbaugh said. “But it’s a pleasure to introduce him to the Michigan fans, because he’s doing better than advertised. His work ethic has been outstanding. He carries himself like he’s on a mission to make Michigan great and make himself great. That has been noticed by everybody on the team and the coaching staff. The workouts ... he’s a dude, Don Brown would say. Moving exceptionally well, which we really thought, but then there’s been some of the sled work and some of the things where you come up and physically punch and hit. He’s got a lot of power – more than we thought. 

"He’s under-promising and over-delivering right now. Really excited about Michael Danna.”
"(Excited) by his talent, by his work ethic – he’s the only player that we brought in as a transfer in this class,” Harbaugh said. “Every other player was a player right out of high school. We thought Michael was really special and would really help our team. Really happy that he chose to be a Wolverine.”

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Chowman said...

Excuse me if I pump the brakes a bit and watch Mike Danna line up a few games in the winged helmet before I anoint him a secret weapon. Last year over 40% of his sacks came against a subdivision Maine team. And against State who had a putrid OL last season he managed only 5 tackles and no sacks.