Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: Thinks About JR Smith and Coach B

Have you ever met two different people then JR Smith and John Beilein?  As of right now, JR is on John's team and is carrying around a $4M salary.  Both sides agreed in early July to push back his guaranteed salary due date while they search for a trade.   So far no luck.

JR was asked to leave the team last November and sent home while making his money.  The Cavs figured he was less of a distraction paying him at home then having him play basketball.   He showed up this week at the Cleveland All Star Celebrity Softball Game where he hit an inside the park home run with his shirt off.  Of course he did, that is 100% JR!

The Cavs are looking to trade the shirtless shooting guard so they can stay under the luxury tax as they re-build and learn Coach B's system.   Trading JR won't be easy and there is part of me that would love to see the interaction between Coach Beilein and JR, but it probably will never happen.   Somehow JR will end up on the end of the Lakers bench or as an official scorekeeper somewhere.

  • 2020 Small Forward Jabri Abdur-Rhaim is expected to pick UVA over Michigan today. 

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