Thursday, August 1, 2019

Michigan Thursday: NFL Tonight

This is a great day because football is back.  The NFL pre-season starts tonight and we will be excited until we watch a few series and realize we don't recognize any of the names.   Let's hope Jake Butt plays, if he is healthy after his 100th ACL injury.  (I actually don't know if he is back yet)

Michigan also starts fall camp tomorrow and many players are jumping off twitter for the season.  This is a fun time for hearing: this player is in his great shape, this one is super fast, and this one has great hands.   If your wondering, here are my top two goals for fall camp:

#1 - Stay Healthy
#2 - Stay Healthy

Yes, Michigan will also need to learn the new #Speed in Space offense and get the new freshman integrated, but staying healthy will be the up most importance.   As that one scrimmage in fall camp 2018, cost Michigan the ND game and others with Higdon, Black, and Gary all getting banged up.  I wonder if we will have the submarine back this year?

  • Love out to Sam Webb and his family after the birth of his son this afternoon.   Check out twitter for some of the issues the Webb family have recently had.   

  • Michigan is ranked #7 in the current coaches poll. 

  • Looks like Nik Stauskas will be playing in Spain this season. 

  • If you missed it,  Makari Paige did commit to Wolverines who now has 3 four star Safeties in this class! 

Side Note:  Michigan plays a football game this month!!!

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