Friday, September 6, 2019

Army Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Big House
Weather: 70 No Rain
TV: Fox
Stream: Fox Sports Go
Line: Michigan -22

Army has been playing football since 1890 and even Saban was their head coach for one year.  The problem is, it was Lou Saban who is second cousins with the famous Alabama coach.  A familiar name, Bobby Ross was the head coach from 2004-2006.  This is the 10th meeting between the two teams with the last match-up coming in 1962.

Army runs the triple option which can give fits for teams only having a week to prepare.   So that is why Don Brown has been preparing all summer for this game.  As I have mentioned a 100 times already, I have 3 rules in scheduling.   1. Never start the season on the road or vs. a ranked opponent, 2. Never schedule App. State  3. Never schedule a service academy.   Michigan continues to break my rules and they shouldn't.   Michigan has had trouble with Air Force and if they want to donate some money to the academies they should choose that route.   Army will be cashing a $1.5M check on Saturday.

Tale of the Tape:
Discipline: Army
Job after football: Army
Needing a Senators Endorsement: Army
Protecting America: Army
Offensive Execution: Army
Size: Michigan
Skill Position Talent: Michigan
Defense: Michigan
Passing attack: Michigan

No need to go to the tape, as this game won't be a mystery.  Army is going to run the triple option and Michigan's defense will try to stop it.   Army is under sized at every position but will execute the offense very well.  Michigan's defense will try to stop it and avoid making a huge game changing mistake.  Having both Jeter and Dwumfour back should be a big help.

On the other side of the ball, Michigan has a huge advantage at every position.  Army will sell out to try to stop the run, which should give Speed in Space a ton of space for the WR's.   If Shea is healthy and doesn't throw for 300 yards, there is an issue.   The only way Michigan's offense struggles is because they are not executing.  

Cheer I love Michigan and America if...………………….
  • The offense scores every time they have the ball 
  • Michigan's defense is prepared for the Triple Option
  • Shea has 300 yards in the air 
  • Zach "Sommelier" Charbonnet has over 100 yards 
  • Michigan's defense holds Army under two TD's
  • No injuries from cut blocks! 
Say I'm mad we lost but I still love America if...……………
  • Army is running crazy on Don Brown's defense
  • Army has 200+ yards on the ground 
  • Michigan's offense is struggling to execute 
  • Army continues to confuse the Wolverine players & coaches 
  • Michigan's offense continues to turn over the ball
  • you want to write an email to Michigan AD Warde Manuel on Bob's 3 rules of scheduling
I have to tell you, my love for Don Brown has been taking a hit lately.  He completely F'ed up the Ohio State game, had zero plan for the Peach Scrimmage, and had a poor initial game plan for MTSU (he did adjust).   This defense is not as good as last year and he has some issues on the defensive line (where a former FB started) and his formations being way too predictable.   If an old dog can't learn new tricks, this should be his last year in Ann Arbor.  

This week will be a big test, if he doesn't have his team prepared and Michigan takes a loss, he is going to be in a world of trouble.  I'm also concerned about injuries: how healthy is Jeter and Dwumfour? Runyan? Shea Patterson?  

I've used the word execution about 20 times already and I believe its the most important aspect of this game.  Army isn't going to make a lot of mistakes and can Michigan stop them?  Can Michigan's offense also look a lot better then they did last week.  If we answer yes to both, then Michigan will win running away.  Watch out for the cut blocks!!!

Michigan 28 Army 16


MichiganMan said...

I agree with your take on Don Brown. He has a great mind for defense, but it only works for an offense that is from 1950. His failure to make adjustment or adopt a new style of defensive strategy has cost this football team several games. Give this old dinosaur one more year to see if he can change if not bring in someone young and talented. A2 has all the money and resources and that should not be a problem.

Michigan 48 - 13

Cmfgoblue said...

Back up qb in right now please! Fire don brown

Mike Tebbe said...

Pathetic 1st half

Fumbles and Penalties

Cmfgoblue said...

Fire entire staff.... sit patterson.... what will osu do to this d line?

Mike Tebbe said...

Josh Gattis play calling no different than last year.... SMH

MichiganMan said...

Omg....8-5 Season.....why Patterson didn't keep the ball and run the whole game... there were opportunities where he could have got bunch of yards