Friday, September 27, 2019

Rutgers Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Big House
Weather: 72 - 20% rain
Stream: Fox
Line: Michigan -27.5

I wanted to start this post with an example of a team with the highest potential but was showing terrible results.  One example that popped into mind was when the Pistons beat the Lakers in the 2004  NBA Finals.  It was Kobe and Shaq vs. Billups and Rasheed Wallace.   Not to mention the Lakers also had Hall of Famers Gary Peyton and The Mailman Karl Malone.  It was a mismatch on paper but the Pistons won 4-1.  Then I thought not a great example as that was the NBA Finals.   Maybe the Cleveland Browns this year so far is a better example, best WR's in the league, a QB and OL that is under preforming and turning the ball over.   Either way, this is a depressing way to start to the post.

Tale of the Tape

Total Offense:  Push
Michigan 116
Rutgers 120
Passing Offense: Push
Michigan 97
Rutgers 101
Rushing Offense: Push
Michigan 116
Rutgers 122
Total Defense: Michigan
Michigan 26
Rutgers 46
Passing Defense: Michigan
Michigan 5
Rutgers 12
Rushing Defense: Push
Michigan 89
Rutgers 92

Yes, I stole these facts from Wednesdays post because both programs are preforming the same this year.   The Vegas line is just based on past performances and who they think is better.

Rutgers is 1-2 beating UMass and lost to Iowa and BC by giving up 30 points to each team.   If you size up both teams off the bus this is a miss match, if you've watched both teams this year,  both programs have a lot of work to do.

Shrug at least we didn't lose to Rutgers if...……….
  • The offense can hold on to the damn ball 
  • Shea finds the buck naked open WR's
  • Michigan can score 30+ points 
  • Don Brown puts in some new formations
  • The defense doesn't give up 30+
Think is this enough for Don Brown to get a one way ticket to Maine? if...…….
  • Michigan plays like the 3 games prior 
  • Don Brown shows up for the game and calls his predictable defense
  • Michigan turns the ball over like its a hot pocket fresh from the microwave
  • Harbaugh's face and demeaner continues to look like a guy that has wrinkles in his khakis  
Michigan needs to put up a basketball score on Rutgers this weekend but I don't think they will.  I have no inside information on this, but I wouldn't be surprised if Joe Milton started.  Shea left the field early in Wisconsin with what seemed to be a shoulder injury and we know he is not healthy after his first snap/fumble of the season.   I would love to see Joe but I doubt he is ready to lead this team to 60+ points in offense.  

Hoping to see a few former Wolverines playing for Rutgers?  Ron Johnson transferred to Rutgers but didn't graduate in time and now is at Towson, Ahmir Mitchell played one game for Rutgers and then was dismissed, LB Drew Singleton is expected to play at his former home stadium. 

I'm worried this game will be too close for comfort and Michigan will continue to have more questions then answers after the game.  A couple quick programming notes, The Dish has dropped FS1 and BTN, if you have that system look for an alternative way to watch the game.  Also there is a sneaky good game on tonight between PSU and Maryland on FS1.

Michigan 30 Rutgers 19


Goose said...

To my point made yesterday regarding recruiting 5 star athletes & parity in college football.

Chas said...

When I saw the Michigan Over / Under at 10 1/2 I bet the under......A "no Brainer" given all the new replacements on D, the new unproven OC, no established RB, an unproven OL, and Madison leaving! Of course they were going to have a rough year! So my "happiness" is hedged, I'll be ok with cash vs. glee. Go Rutgers, just one more loss to go.....bring me some cash!

MichiganMan said...

Bob is AJ Henning flipping to OSU?

dude1984 said...

Offense: please no turnovers, run the ball at least 12 times, and focus on the short passing game (make the reads from near to far). I still can't believe how many times the guy running the shallow cross or a RB in the flat were wide open, but didn't get the ball because they were forcing it to TEs or Bell downfield in double or triple covered last week.

Defense: tackling has to be better. They really need to play smarter and with more energy.