Sunday, October 13, 2019

Dumb Football

Holly Hart, AP
I don't understand why things are contagious in sports.  It really doesn't make any sense.  My son played travel baseball from the age 10-16, I've seen a few hundred youth baseball games and I can tell you that hitting is contagious at that age level.  If a couple guys get a hit, everyone hits.   It also works the opposite, if the top of the lineup is hitless, you have a great chance the middle and bottom of the order will not be hitting as well.

Michigan rolled into Memorial Stadium and for most of the first half it looked like a good High School team playing a Junior High.  Michigan was gaining 10 yards on every play and had a 28-0 lead.  I actually had this thought, "Michigan shouldn't attempt a pass and have 600 rushing yards."   Then the evil wizard that has huanted the Wolverines all season "Frank Fumble" showed up and the Wolverines started to backslide like Barney Gumble at an open bar.

Charbonnet fumbled which equaled a late 1st half TD, Christian Turner had one carry lost 4 yards and fumbled (which was over turned by replay), and Tru Wilson fumbled which led to a short field and another Illinois TD.   That junior high team from the first half, had scored 25 straight points and pulled within 3 points of Michigan.

Somehow talent no longer mattered, coaching no longer mattered, recruiting no longer mattered, traditional no longer matter and the Wolverines were looking at one of the most devastating road losses in the history of the program.

Then the embattled former 5 star QB took the field, dropped back, and starting picking apart the Illinois secondaty.  He used his talented WR's and took that 3 point lead to 10.   Somehow that contagious play traveled quickly to the defense and the pass rush that had be lost for a good part of two quarters was back and Illinois redshirt freshman reverted back to himself and gave Michigan two fumbles, another TD, and a win.

  • Michigan would of had over 300 yards on the ground, not for Shea's two kneel downs at the end of the game 
  • Michigan had two 100 yard rushers 
  • Shea's TD to DPJ Drive was the best he has looked all season 
  • Great blocked punt 
  • Haskins is a beast and will be getting more carries
  • Mike Dana is quietly playing some great football and has been huge with Paye out
  • At times Hutchinson was un-blockable 
  • McGrone again looked like a poor mans Devin Bush 
  • Michigan won the game 
  • The evil wizard Frank Fumble 
  • Christian Turner is so far in the dog house, he may never get back out
  • Ben Mason was one of my favorite players last season, he has really struggled this year and needs to play much smarter football.
  • Injuries are now getting serious: Nico didn't make the trip, Paye, Ross, and Hill also didn't play. 
  • 3rd quarter defense, I believe Michigan should play some
  • Shea has to keep the ball on the 2nd 4th down near the goal line

Let's start facing some difficult facts, Army has lost in back to back weeks to Tulane and Western Kentucky.   Don Brown thought they would run the table.  We are now facing games against two top ten teams in Penn State and ND in back to back weeks.  

This Wolverine team is showing some promise on defense at times, but the entire team seems to roll up in the fetial position anytime Frank shows up.  It even effects the defense.  Illinois shouldn't have been able to make the plays they did on Michigan's defense in the 3rd, the only reason I can come up with is they saw Frank and got scared.  This type of dumb football is going to get you beat and beat bad in the next two weeks.  


In Harbaugh we trust said...

I want to have faith next Saturday I really do...But we know what’s waiting for us at Happy valley...The white out..An extremely hostile crowd...all our road games at times has been a disaster..I know all week we are going to hear about next 2 weeks as the crossroads of Jimmy at Michigan..I’m a fan..but not eyes tell me no chance..FYI that Wisconsin blowout doesn’t look so bad lol

Captain Froglipps said...

Lord forbid that Harbaugh states that Patterson is the best we got... could very easily lose 4 or 5 of next 7 games.

Should we invest in the future by playing the "hired gun" Milton?

I thought Michigan State and Penn State would perform better... maybe they are saving their "A" game for us

I want us to do well, but I anticipate a lot of screaming and yelling comments peaking after Ohio State game ( when we are their Beach)

That 25 point run of "the fighting Illini" was most telling, look at their record and who they beat.(yikes) .... I need a sip of "Kool-Aid to go on and get some work done.

szanreno said...

Oh ye of little faith. A pitiful 2-3 South Carolina team upset of 5-0 Georgia team. The number 3 team in the country. Anything can happen on any given Saturday. I don't remember what the line was but I bet it was in the mid to upper twenties.

Goose said...

P.J. Fleck is looking pretty good....jus saying.

Unknown said...

This is typical harbaugh football we are up big lets just slow down and grind it out. by taking your foot off the peddle this trickled down to the whole team and mistakes start to happen. should have started milton in second half who would have played with an attitude and illinois might not ever got back in the game. players sometimes feed off each other. Harbaugh is Lloyd Carr 2.0 no killer instinct.

Docholliday said...

P.J Fleck does sound nice with that passing attack. Also, we are going to get smoked the next two weeks. I for one, do not have any idea how Harbaugh cannot see Shea is terrible. He is stubborn beyond belief. We know this. But wow, either Dylan is that bad or Harbaugh is not a good evaluator of talent. Shea's touchdown throws are like those a 5th grader can make. He should have had at least 2 INT's Saturday against Illinois. When it was 28-25 let's not forget a blocked punt helped give us that lead, or we might have been in big trouble. I've lost faith in these coaches. The national media is about to have a field day with Michigan and it will be shameful to watch. I really hope I'm wrong, by the way.

Goose said...

This week will contain the same old narrative from the media. Can Michigan compete with contenders can Harbaugh win a against a top 10 team on the road. As we get closer to game day the questions will turn into hype videos for both teams building the excitement to its crescendo. Knowing all to well Michigan will roll over & die fairly quickly. The Defense will play strong for as long as they can but it will be far from enough. It's time once again to be humiliated on a national stage.
Let's just get it over with...

Captain Froglipps said...

I can't help it...I LMFAO over Goose's comments..... I guess that the truth hurts, and some people are better at expressing themselves..."Let's just get it over with" is way too funny.... actually more applicable to the Ohio State game.

Scott K said...

Unreal..... 5-1, with our only loss to a top 10 team.... and 'fans' are acting like we're 1-5.

1st year with a new OC, installing an offense that these young men have never seen before, strange to imagine it would take some time to start clicking.

I'm always amazed by how blowhards on blogs seem to think they're smarter than the coaches. I'm pretty sure the players and coaches want to win more than all the armchair qb's and monday morning coaches do...

I've seen improvement from game 1 to game 6. We need to clean up the turnovers and I'm pretty sure they'll be spending a lot of time on that. PSU won a nailbiter over Iowa. I'd say they had a harder time with Iowa than we did. Will we win on Saturday? Maybe, maybe not, I believe we have just as good a team as PSU does, so if we show up and execute, we can.


Goose said...

Scott K I truly hope your right & I'm wrong.

Docholliday said...

It's not just the "blowhards" making these comments Scott K. Its former players, football experts, Charles Woodson, Desmond Howard, they've all expressed disappointment with the program this year. It's fine if you disagree with all of them, but dont come in here acting like our opinions are out of left field. This is not a hot take or new opinion. Yes, our team might be as "good" as Penn State but using our analysis if we underperform then isn't it on our coaches? We will see if what I said is right, or if what you say is right - that we are as good as them, come Saturday night. I like my chances with what I've seen so far this year, but hate that I have to make that judgement. Improvement is not 25 points unanswered to an awful Illinois team to make this a nail biter late in the 3rd quarter. Still fumbling, don't you think they would have worked on that after the first two games of the year? *palm to the forehead*

Scott K said...

Charles and Des were reacting specifically to the Wisconsin game.... everyone was shocked at the way we were handled. Did you see what they did to msu? Wisconsin is a really good football team.

turnovers happen, without a couple turnovers the Mid Tenn game was a complete blowout. Same goes for the game on Saturday. we obviously need to clean them up, we aren't playing good enough football to beat better teams, if we turn the ball over. Crazy thing, I watched NFL games and they fumble sometimes too?...

I'd love to see the 5th grader that hit DPJ for that touchdown. what an ignorant thing to say.
The coaching staff (who know a bit more about football than you or I) are with the team a little more than the 60 minutes a week we see. I'm pretty sure Jim Harbaugh knows Shea isn't 'terrible' and i'm pretty sure if there was a better QB on the roster, he'd be playing.

Its all easy from the lazyboy.

Captain Froglipps said...

I am an arm-chair general, and I hope you are 111% right... and prove that I am a incompetent fair weather Michigan football fan.

I guess this had been going on for so long... same as you watch your kid go the first grade > now he is a senior in High School( It's been that long!!)

Are we just being realistic, or just gave up too soon....

I am with you with my heart, but my brain says "no way Hose"

The 5-1 could easily turn into 8-5, 7-6; hope I am just a arm-chair QB that misses the waste paper basket when I throw something out.

Captain Froglipps said...

Left out that last comment was to Scott K.

szanreno said...

I remember a Harbaugh coached Stanford team went ON THE ROAD to USC as a 41 point underdog and pulled off the thought of impossible upset. So miracles do happen. Here's to hoping. Ha!