Friday, October 11, 2019

Illinois Preview

Time: Noon
Location: Memorial Stadium
Stream: ESPN App
Weather: 53 Sunny
Line: Michigan -22

Michigan's offense has plenty to improve on and the defense is finally finding it's stride running zone coverages and blitzing a LB.  Illinois is not good and Lovey continues to struggle to build a decent Big Ten team.  Former Michigan QB Brandon Peters looks to be doubtful with what we believe is a concussion.

Tale of the Tape:
Defense = Michigan
Coaching = Michigan
Michigan Road Offense = Push
Intangibles = Illinois
Talent = Michigan

What type of team are we going to see from the Wolverines on Saturday?  Road Michigan is much different then Home Michigan but the talent in this game is a miss-match.  I watched some of Illinois - Minnesota before and after Peters got knocked out.   Brandon is the same QB we remember, a guy that will make a great throw and then sail a head scratcher.   He also likes to hold the ball a bit too long.  While I was watching, the Illinois WR's continued to drop the balls on his good throws which made for quick 3 and outs.

Say, I'm going to relax today and worry about Penn State on Monday if...………………
  • Michigan's offense doesn't turn the ball over 
  • The game is over in the 1st half 
  • Michigan scores over 40 points 
  • Michigan has over 200 yards on the ground 
  • Michigan has over 300 yards in the air 
  • The defense looks like the one that played Rutgers and Iowa
Yell, we are going to get rolled next week if...……………………..
  • Michigan's offense looks like it did against Iowa and Wisconsin
  • Michigan's defense takes a few steps back 
  • Greg Robinson's nephew plays like Michael Vick 
  • Road Michigan is real and terrible 
  • Michigan is missing field goals 
  • Michigan has strange flashbacks seeing Rich Rod's old offense 
Don Brown has struggled as Michigan's DC the last year or so but where he doesn't struggle is against young inexperienced QB's.  His #1 defensive philosophy is that he can get to the QB with pressure before the QB can find the open WR.  When the opponent has a young QB, that becomes a real thing.  The biggest threat will be for Robinson to run the football and beat some of those blitzes with his feet.  

If Jimmy and Gattis are going to make a QB change, they have to do it this week.  You can't send Dylan into a Penn State White Out as the starting QB.  We don't know if Dylan is healthy or not, which means we will probably see Shea again.   Quick question, how many times do you yell at the TV, "Throw it!" when watching Michigan's offense?  At least 10 times a game for me.  Shea also met with the media this week, which is also a sign he will start on Saturday. 

The offense has to show real improvement and the defense needs to continue it's strong performances since the trip to Madison if this team is going to sniff a Big Ten Title race.   I think Illinois hangs around for a quarter as Michigan offense spins its wheels, then the game gets out of hand.   This is the definition of a trap game but Michigan isn't playing well enough to be looking ahead.  

Michigan 42 Illinois 10


MichiganMan said...

Too many good games on at the same time.....idk which one to 👀

Captain Froglipps said...

Michigan will win and they will feel good about themselves (5-1).... then the du-du hits the fan.... We could finish 6-7, 7-6, or 8-5 as an outlier.... then what: another wimpy finish like the last few years? Somebody punch out one of the announcers for the Ohio State/Michigan GAME, WHEN THEY CALL THE GAME A STORIED RIVALRY... THAT IS ancient history folks (before cell phones and trilobites!

Captain Froglipps said...

Check that worst case scenario 7-6, outlier 9-4... they will not sniff a "big ten title race"... only thing they will sniff is a fire hydrant like when you walk a dog (they have to sniff everything)

Jim was supposed to be our savior (he's only 50% percent they and we are frustrated.

Believe me, I hope I am wrong, and Michigan does well, but being pragmatic and logical (like Spock). I see a lot of disgruntled fans at end of season.

Let's hope I am off my rocker, and belong in the "Kooky Jar"... we shall see

But anybody that thinks we can be competitive with Ohio State should be committed to a white room with straight jackets, and all the Jim Jones kool-laid they desire.

MichiganMan said...

Unknown you are too late to the party man I've been calling this for 3 years firing of Harbaugh..... I know Michigan Is Not Great will never be great I do accept them winning 9-11... occasionally have seven to eight points

MichiganMan said...

If they win 11 games that mean they just want a national championship for me

MichiganMan said...

Game.....won.... sorry for the typo

MichiganMan said...

This got to be the worst team since Rich Rodriguez first year

Goblu said...

Yikes. That was ugly. And now can’t start Dylan. Shae is changed for the worse. Would have been better to start Dylan. After Penn St, should start the Dylan era.

szanreno said...

Michigan man has been calling for harbaugh firing for 3 years. My God the man's only been there five. I'll withhold any further comments