Sunday, October 6, 2019

Iowa Post Game

John T. Grelick - DetNews
My last sentence of the preview post on Friday included this statement, "Michigan can win this game on defense", which is exactly what the Wolverines did on Saturday afternoon.  It was nice to see Don Brown not get out coached in a big game and even ran a bunch of zone, which blows my mind.

There is also plenty of problems, which we will get to in our traditional Cheers and Jeers:

  • Best Defensive performance in nearly a calendar year. 
  • Kitty Paye was regularly beating an NFL caliber OT 
  • 8 sacks! 
  • Iowa 1 net rushing yard! 
  • 3 total points given up 
  • 3 INT's
  • Cam McGrone is the next Devin Bush (did Ross get Willie Pipp'ed)
  • Hill was strong in coverage (minus that long 3rd down conversion)
  • I'm super proud of Mike Dana's performance 
  • Dax will be Michigan's next 5 star superstar! 
  • Don Brown and his formations/game plan confused Iowa all afternoon
  • Michigan's offense is awful 
  • Shea is regressing and missing reads 
  • WR's had some bad drops during the game 
  • I didn't love the play calling, to me it looked like there was running lanes on the outside, running into the middle was a win for Iowa. 
  • fumble issues 
  • Special Teams were not good 
  • 2 missed field goals (Judy Moody has to hit that last one)
  • Multiple bad punts 
  • Paye's hamstrings 
  • To many missed tackles on defense 
  • Iowa's 3rd and long conversions 
  • Stunts still giving the OL issues 

I'm one to jump all over Big Ten officials for sucking, I thought the crew on Saturday did a good and fair job.  I only saw one missed holding call on Dana late in the game. 

Shea Patterson is lucky that his back-up is injured because I believe he would have been pulled on Saturday.  His pick was a terrible read, with a TE wide open short for a first down.  His lack of a running threat in this offense is causing the running game to be way below average.   He looks nervous with happy feet in the pocket and not the guy that led this team last year.   The OL played decent and still Shea didn't see the field well at all.   Now some of that goes to the Iowa defense, but I believe a lot falls to Shea. 

Memo to Nordin, Iowa gave Michigan free 3 points at the half, make the kick.   Moody that was a horrific miss in the 4th quarter and difference of being up 2 scores.  

This team is going to struggle all year and is nowhere close to Ohio State or even Penn State at this point.   The defense will need to win games until the offense can find something that works.  A win is a win and we will take it, on to Illinois.  On a side note, Brandon Peters was knocked out of Saturday's game against Minnesota on what looked to be a concussion.   Which probably will make him questionable for next weeks game against his old team. 


Goose said...

How about that screen pass to a tight end on 3rd and about 20. Oh yeah speed in space. Nice play calling gained about 4. I cant understand how the D can give u 3int's & 1 fumble recovery & the O cant do anything. Throw the damn ball to NFL caliber wide receivers I keep hearing all the hype about, or could it be these receivers are not as good as advertised? So many questions.
Harbaugh " I think the offense is hitting its stride" Harbaugh, Harbaugh, Harbaugh. Jim you are a mystery I dont know what game your watching but its obviously not the Michigan Iowa game.

MichiganMan said...
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MichiganMan said...

My man these three receivers are not NFL caliber... they are never open... there is no separation between them or the defender they are garbage

Mark said...

Urban Meyer nailed it on the head during the post-game show: Michigan does not have have explosive players at RB and WR. Hard to create speed in space without speed.

Mark said...

Of course, Meyer also said during the pregame show that he considers DPJ a top 16 pick. Too bad, we're wasting his talent with poor QB play.

In Harbaugh we trust said...

“The offense is hitting its stride”??? Am I blind...are all of us dumb and Harbaugh is the genius..It’s clear he’s not going anywhere but to say we are on the right track on offense is....OFFENSIVE...I know our D will faulted cause they get tired carrying the team...I have no faith we beat Penn st...Our road effort against a good team has been disastrous....after watching Ohio st last I believe at home we can compete...but as usual we have to STOP THE CROSSING routes and rubs..GO BLUE

Chowman said...

I can't help but feel yesterday's defensive performance is a mirage. We've seen this too many times before. Don Brown's defense takes advantage of less athletic offense. Nate Stanley is nothing but a game manager and a pylon in the back field. He contributed to many of the sacks by holding the ball way too long. He also didn't have many weapons to work with as his best 2 receivers from last year are now in the NFL. I don't see Don's defense repeating this performance against a mobile QB or explosive playmakers.

Offensively can we just move on from the Shea Patterson era. It failed, he's a bust and not any good and lets move on. He's terrible at reading defenses and face it his arm strength is just a hair above a wet noodle. I'd rather lose and find out if Joe Milton has anything else to got with the bazooka he has for an arm and get him some real game experience!

Mike Tebbe said...

Yet another lackluster offensive performance...

Harbaugh says... Offense is hitting its stride...

This guy is delusional if he thinks this is anywhere near a good offense....

8M a year for an average coach at best... No more JH Kool-Aid for me..

I bleed BLUE... But have faced reality JH is no more than an 9-4 coach

Better hope our top offensive commits done get cold feet after watching this garbage !!!!

Captain Froglipps said...

Who said, WHO'S GOT IT BETTER.... THAN US NOBODY" Isn't that the coach that jumped ship to Ohio State?

Most telling is the radio announcer's were stunned when Patterson over thru a receiver by 4 yards.

Jimmy is drinking left over Kool laid from Jim Jone's, when he said offense is hitting it's stride... put Patterson 20 yards away from a big Red Barn and see if he can hit it.

At best we go 8-4 this year, 50% probability of 7-5.

We can not throw the ball, can not run the punt... so we must punt against Ohio State, Penn State, Notre Dame, and Michigan State.... that's if we are not intercepted first, or lost a fumbleroosky.

I think Patterson needs to watch the movie "Major League", maybe his problem is lack of a good pair of glasses.

Is not the Ohio State quarterback a freshmen? Why are they not doing what we would do... keep him out for 3 years to learn playbook, which consists of 12 plays.

Offense hitting it's stride... tell me that after Ohio State game....

I would write more, but there is still kool-laid left in my cup.... must drink to face reality!!!

Goose said...


Captain Froglipps said...

Someone earlier commented that we can be competitive with Ohio State because it is at Home... is 52-7 competitive? (we got the seven > incase you suffer delusions like Harbaugh)

MichiganMan said...

Guys stop doggin Shea Patterson he is a good quarterback and they're not using him correctly he's a read option quarterback he only has 10 rushes the whole year for 52-yard

rklans71class said...

How weird it is that when McAffery or Milton take the helm at quarterback, the offense appears to come alive in spirit. Thus, it seems that the new offense requires a missing ingredient when Patterson runs the offense. Also, from some re-play angles it appears that defensive linemen may be in Patterson's line of sight to open receivers. Does he have a height issue? Maybe next year with McAffery and Milton we will find out if they can post better results than Patterson. In the meantime... yuck!

GoBlueGuy said...

The WR’s have given up on Patterson. He can’t progress thru his reads and can’t get the ball to the wideouts. The wideouts are now running lazy routes because they know their not getting the ball. The WR’s don’t have any faith in the QB. Patterson is a RPO QB but has failed to run the ball. I’m not sure if he is still hurt or lacking the wherewithal to run the ball. A three dimensional attack has become a one dimensional offense. Run the RB up the middle. No passing, no QB run, no offense.

Cmfgoblue said...

Shea is terrible and has the same confidence level as the kickers....this team is not watchable....record and fast forward is the only way to get through this shit....Osu has only one concern against us and thats scoring more than 62..