Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Michigan Tuesday: Is It Time For Hinton and Smith?

Yes, it sounds like a law or maybe a consulting firm, but is it time to start seeing more of the combined 9 stars true freshman DT's Chris Hinton and Mazi Smith?

Jimmy and Don think so.   Jimmy did his regular press conference on Monday and it was all pretty much of the standard stuff: Joe has a live arm, Iowa is consistently good, McGrone and Paye played well, Carlo Kemp lives football, Nico had strep throat last week, and that he loves the entire Glasgow family.

The news worthy bits were the following:

  • Dylan is expected to practice this week but continues to be doubtful for Sunday (that is Jimmy talk for out).   Same goes for Josh Ross. 

  • Jimmy believes that both Chris and Mazi are close to being able to contribute more on game days. 
“Mazi looks really good," Harbaugh said. said. "Just what he’s done with his physique in the last nine months. Talked to him this morning at our morning practice and he looked great. Chris Hinton is getting in there quite a bit and playing on special teams."

Chris played on special teams and also got a few snaps on the line on Saturday and recorded his first two tackles as a Wolverine. 

Don Brown said on Saturday before the game:  Chris Hinton looks like he’s getting closer to where he can help us," Brown said. "Mazi is starting to improve. Getting a little bit more consistency out of him."

Jimmy on his radio show:  "Just right on the precipice of earning more reps," Harbaugh said. "Been practicing well, showing it in practice. They are very close."


Captain Froglipps said...

Bob: want your feedback on new law in California: allowing playing to make money with any famed gained....

Myself, it's like opening Dracula's coffin, and all hell breaks out;

Ohio State has done it already, paid players for putting in false hours at car dealerships (back in 80's).

What is to stop them from telling recruits if they sign they are guaranteed 10,000 a year for representing a dealership... can and will happen. If so, I will quit watching college football... already do not watch pros.

Do not say you only comment on Michigan football, because this directly affects all college teams. (BIG DEAL), college teams in (near), big cities will try to out bid each other for recruits. ( offer rep deals.)

As far as the Rutgers game; the running game was not a strength... negative yards vs. Ohio State?

MichiganMan said...

Stop blaming other colleges because they're winning and trying to say they're doing illegal things.... Michigan is garbage and they're not going to win anything respect the other teams and players

Captain Froglipps said...

Michiganman... No I understand Michigan is going thru more than a decade of
under performance.

The point I was trying to make is if all the colleges allowed players to make money on the side with endorsement, it would create an uncontrollable situation. Would open door to abuse, that cannot be controlled... if this happens I am done with football, and move on to fishing ,etc.

What re your thoughts on the law passed by California, it's not the most pressing issue short term, but in the long term quite relevant!!

szanreno said...

I'll be fishing with you.