Friday, November 22, 2019

Indiana Preview

Time: 3:30
Location: Memorial Stadium
Weather:  40 - Heavy Thunderstorms
Stream: ESPN+
Line: Michigan -9.5

If you were going to try to define a trap game, this would be the example.  A team that Michigan has struggled against but hasn't lost to in over 30 years in between two rival games.   I had no idea that weather could be an issue as there is between 80%-90% rain between 1:00 - 4:00 with heavy thunderstorms at 4:00.   This sounds like there could be a long delay in this one or they even might push the start of the game if that forecasts is accurate.

Tale of the Tape
Passing Game = Indiana
Passing Defense = Michigan
Running Game = Michigan
Kickers = Indiana
Intangibles = Indiana
Talent = Michigan
Coaching = Michigan

This game is really Don Brown vs. Kalen DeBoer the new OC for Indiana.  Can Don's new zone defense stop IU's passing game?   The Hoosiers really don't run the ball, so Michigan needs to key off the pass but worry about surprise runs.   The Michigan defensive line will need to dominate a less than average offensive line.

Say this doesn't feel like a trap, more like an O Snap! if...…………………...
  • Michigan's defense dominates and keeps IU under 14 points 
  • Shea is picking apart the IU defense 
  • Michigan RB's have over 200 yards on the ground 
  • No turnovers 
  • The weather ends up as a positive for Michigan 
  • Michigan doesn't have the road sleepy's
Damn these trap games if...………...
  • If IU gives OSU another game plan to beat the Michigan defense 
  • If this game becomes a shoot out 
  • It's clear Michigan is looking forward to a week from Saturday 
  • Michigan's defense is giving up slants and long runs 
  • Michigan is turning over the ball and trying to kick field goals 
I like Michigan's power run game if this becomes a ND rain game.  IU is going to try to dink and dunk the Michigan defense to move the ball down field.  They will not let their offensive line get beat with long WR routes that take a few seconds to get down field.   It's exactly how MSU tried to play the Wolverines last Saturday.   Michigan's defense will have to play that trap zone a ton.  

IU wants a shoot out so expect them to throw the kitchen sink at the Wolverines.   Michigan will have to put some points up to win and lets hope they can execute in the red zone to get TD's.  The weather could be a huge factor in this game.   Hanging on to the ball on both sides could be the difference as IU's defense is much better then it has been in the past.   The seniors will need to shine in this game as they are starting to realize their games at Michigan are running out.   Hudson on defense has a huge game and Shea makes plays on offense.  

Michigan 31 IU 20


Big10er said...

Heavy thunderstorms? Might want to check the location.

MichiganMan said...

If there is a break in weather....

Mich 42 IU 17

Go Blue....Fire Don Brown after OSU game.....

MichiganMan said...

Upset ?

szanreno said...

Don Brown's defense was outstanding AGAIN!!!!

Goblu said...

Michigan Man (Bucknut Troll) brilliantly calls both for an upset and bad defense. Do you get tired of being so brilliant?

MichiganMan said...

I didn't call for an upset moron look at the top of the message I said score would be 42-17 Michigan.... another idiot another delusion of fan

Renegade said...

Message to Bob.

I’ve been reading your blog for years now. I remember a time when posters would argue the merits of the game, the plays called, what actions should have or have not been made, opinions about recruiting and coaching without the personal name calling. I miss the days of VoR and others where a good debate could be had without the childish outbursts we see on this site now.

I don’t know if you feel these types of posts are good for your site, but if you don’t perhaps you could suggest that people tone down the personal attacks and present a reasoned argument for their position.

Goblu said...

Renegade, I agree and will stop the attack on Michigan Man. He’s an obvious osu troll, so it’s annoying. But your point is right.

Michigan Man, at 4:21 you posted “upset?”... soooo yeah. You did call for an upset. You’re obviously an osu fan. I won’t react to your silly posts anymore. And I appreciate Renegade raising that point.

MichiganMan said...

I did not say the Michigan will get upset.... I just wrote "upset" with a question mark... Maybe a get people's opinion and thoughts.... problem here is that some fans are too sensitive and they don't want to hear anything negative about their team... even if it is the truth

MichiganMan said...

Key to beating Ohio next week is...
Put Jackson and Bell on the slot and Collinsand DPJ on the outside... spread out Ohio State that should open up runs for the running backs and quarterback....go ble