Thursday, December 19, 2019

Michigan Thursday: NSD A Day In Review

Lets get to the latest news first.  When JD announced he needed to retire from football, Michigan's 2020 recruiting class took a major hit.   You have to spend probably a year recruiting a top tier QB, so when you have a couple months your in trouble.   Michigan made a run at 4 star CJ Stroud but he was tagged for OSU early and signed with the Buckeyes yesterday.

The backup plan is now a 3 star QB out of NY who was unranked just a week ago, Dan Villari.   Dan is a 6'4 and 215 pounds and is a dual threat QB.  He had offers from the likes of Fordham, UMass, Buffalo, and Kent State.  Wisconsin and Rutgers were sniffing around during the past week but hadn't offered yet.    Michigan offered in the afternoon and Dan committed last night.

Dan is a good athlete and not everyone gets the exposure of the recruiting services.   With that said, he is clearly a plan B guy and might be headed to a Zach Gentry type of position change.   Many banged on Jimmy for moving Zach to TE, but he started for the Steelers on Monday night.   It's important Michigan takes at least 1 QB every class.  They have completed that task.

Let's look at the rankings as they stand today:

24/7: 12
Rivals: 11
ESPN:  9

We also forget this class isn't over.  This is the early signing period and Michigan still has a chance to add to this class.   4 star CB DG-W will announce at an all star game and sign in February.  3 star OT from Virginia James Pogorelc will also sign in February but seems to be leaning to Stanford. 

Neither Nick Patterson or Micah Mazzccua seem to be part of this class moving forward.  

Thoughts on the class:

This is a good class but its missing something.   A 5 star headliner,  no Dax, Jabrill, or Rashan.   Michigan got some talented players and if they are going to take the next step, they will have to develop these guys into superstars.   It's possible and can be done, but you don't look at this class and think Michigan is now going to compete with OSU, Clemson, or LSU anytime soon.  

I'm also concerned with the lack of DT's in this class.  Yes, Michigan will develop some DE's into DT's but I don't really see the big man run stopper in the middle.  I wasn't a big fan of Brady Hoke but he was in a similar position and called Ted Ginn, SR. and Ted sent him Willie Henry who became an NFL player.  

Michigan needs that type of player in this class. I don't know if there are any Willie Henry's out there but Michigan better look soon.  Michigan also has 0 recruits from Ohio, the Wolverines recruit nationally like they should but they should also be getting a couple guys from Ohio each year.   This is something Jimmy and staff need to figure out.  We just saw a kid from a nowhere Ohio win the Heisman.  

I do like that Michigan is recruiting speed at WR, Roman and AJ can fly!  Michigan also probably has the best Safety class in the country with RJ, Jordan, and Makari.   The offensive line recruits look solid, but I think they still could use another OT.   There is talent and speed at LB and CB could be solid if DG-W signs.  

Here are other 24/7 school rankings:

OSU 3 
ND 10
PSU 13
Nebraska 20
Wisconsin 26
Purdue 30
Iowa  31 
Minn 32
NW 37 
MSU 42
Rutgers 67
USC 78

MSU and USC decided to keep their coaches and things don't seem to be going well at either school.  When Rutgers is out recruiting you with out a head coach, that's an issue.  


Cmfgoblue said...

Seems to be a good class.... Now lets coach em up and hope that they stay all four years and grow into solid depth... one of these kids will be a star for sure...

Cormac said...

The only "complaint" that I have is about the receivers. Is this the return of the Smurfs?