Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Welcome to NSD 2020!

2:30 Latest update:  Michigan seems to be pretty much done for the day, with one exception.  California QB CJ Stroud picked OSU which wasn't a surprise.  He felt OSU had a better path to playing time then through Dylan, Joe, Cade, and a 5 star on the way in 2021.

Which means non-ranked (will be a 3 star) NY QB Dan Villari who just got offered (visited last weekend) about an hour ago, will probably jump into this class.   I expect we will hear about him this afternoon or Thursday at the latest.

Mazzccua and Patterson seem to be a mystery and probably are not ending up in the class.

California 4 star CB Darion Green-Warren is announcing in January at an All Star game. 

Hail Mary's are DE Van Fillinger and OL James Pogorelc.

LOI's in:

-Roman Wilson, WR
-Jaylen Harrell, DE 
-AJ Henning, WR (highest rated recruit per 24/7)
-Jeff Persi, OL 
-Cornell Wheeler, LB 
-Kalel Mullins, LB 
-Reece Atteberry, OL
-Will Mohan, LB 
-Andre Seldon, CB
-Aaron Lewis, DL
-Makari Paige, DB 
-Nakhai Hill-Green, LB
-Kris Jenkins, DE
-Jordan Morant, Safety
-Eamonn Dennis, Athlete
-Blake Corum, RB 
-RJ Moten , Safety 
-Zak Zinter, OL
-Osman Savage, LB 
-Matt Hibner, TE 
-Braiden McGregor, DE

10:45 Update: Michigan has 19 LOI's in.  Let's look who is still pending:
  • Jaylen Harrell, Florida DE - latest commit 
  • Roman Wilson, WR still early in Hawaii
  • JD Johnson, Retired QB who probably will sign in Feb
  • Micah Mazzccua, OG who has been rumored not to be in the class 
  • Nick Patterson, TE - Shea's brother who also has been rumored to not be in the class 
  • Gaige Garcia, RB - who I believed signed a wresting LOI already 

9:11 Seems the morning rush has now concluded. Michigan has 14 guys signed with 11 guys still pending (included in that 11 is JD Johnson and Gaige Garcia).

Here is some interesting news: Nick Patterson, Shea's brother who has been rumored to not be part of this class, took a visit to Memphis last weekend.  Nick is a 3 star TE.

Recce is in and this is his photo card :-)

Good Morning Michigan Faithful!   No news yet on LOI's but I will start you out with a couple of news and notes:
  • Longtime Iowa head coach Hayden Fry passed away last night.  He was 90.  RIP 
  • Former Michigan RB Kurt Taylor will be running at Tennessee Tech next season. 


MichiganMan said...
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MichiganMan said...

Thanks for the update Bob.... but the unfortunate thing is that some of the high rated four star players will end up leaving Michigan....

Goose said...

Michigan man I hate to say it because i think everyone has a right to their opinions, but do you ever have anything positive to say.....ever?

ScottyDoggs said...

Goose are you a carpenter?... because you hit the nail squarely on the head.

Is Harbaugh's quick fixes at QB backfiring? His claim to fame has been transfer Quarterbacks and the hell with recruited ones...

If, I was a competing coach, I would not let this pass by until I hammered it home to every recruit I came into contact with.

Was it worth having transfer Quarterbacks... I vote no, collateral damage is greater than any gain. Was not Patterson showing signs of weakness before his transfer? When does the number 5 = a 3 (only in football)

szanreno said...

Michiganman is a OSU douche who tries to make his post sound coherent but each one has a little dig in it. Terrible at covering his tracks, he shows his true colors every post. Hahaha!

Go Blue Al said...

Solid Class so far! Hopefully we can pull a surprise for the Traditional signing day! Go Blue!!!!

MichiganMan said...

GOOOOOSSEEE my buddy...I don't mean to sound negative but I am just stating facts!!

MichiganMan said...

Blue for Life!!