Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Wolverine Wednesday: Cold Night

It was going to happen at some point and it happened last night for Juwan Howard's team.  The ball just wasn't going in.  For a team that needs the 3 point shot the Wolverines struggled all night and only made 3.

Yes,  there was a lot of reasons why.   Louisville's defense and talent were big reasons, but so were the tired legs of the Wolverines.   The team looked like they have been playing a lot of basketball and taking a bunch of flights.

Teske did all he could with 18 points but was the only Wolverine in double figures.  The hot shooting Livers only scored 3 points and went 1-9 from the field.   Brooks wasn't much better and was 0-6 from the field only scoring 2 points from the line.

It happens and last night it happend to be against the #1 team in the nation in their own barn.  Mark it up to experience and move on.    The rest doesn't get any better as the Wolverines have a Big Ten game against Iowa on Friday at Crisler.   The week after they travel to Illinois and host Oregon.

After that the schedule lets up with Presbyterian and UMass Lowell to finish up the year.

#1 need for the team is to get Franz Wagner comfortable, he isn't part of this offense at all right now.  His defense and rebounding is improving game by game.

  • With Alabama dropping out of the top 10, some now are prediciting a Michgian - Alabama match-up in the Citrus Bowl.   

  • Michigan only dropped one spot in the CFP rankings to #14

  • MSU also got beat by Duke last night in East Lansing


M Don said...

We all need to remember Bo's The Team words:
Look it up on youtube and listen if link doesn't come through.

We all seem to forget that! We attack, criticize, and blame individuals tearing everyone down to make ourselves feel better. I've been guilty of it far too often in my life. As I sat in the stadium last Saturday and watched that debacle they played that video. Wonder how many actually took it to heart including "The Team" out on the field or if it was just background noise. Maybe I am old fashion and today's toxic anonymous comment boards allow those detrimental to teamwork to tear it apart, but it is not all about talent and recruits. Sure they help overcome some mines here and there, but it's more about playing together as one unit. Everyone doing their job right the first time can overcome all that. If you can get both then you're golden, but that is rare. Many players this year, including our captains, tried to do too much taking themselves away from their job. That opened up more issues and it became 2 players, or 3, and so on struggling at their jobs.

I am sure I will take anonymous political fodder for this comment as that is the trend these days. It will be another rah, rah speech lost in the malaise of the attack culture. Regardless Michigan's support needs to change. We need to stop tearing people down with personal attacks and focus on The Team. Otherwise we will just become relics of what used to be in the past if we not already. Go Blue!!

SecondChance said...

Do not want Alabama in the bowl game. Would be another L for sure.

MichiganMan said...
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