Friday, January 3, 2020

Michigan Friday: Lots of News

Juwan Howard continued his impressive recruiting skills with the commitment of Terrance Williams another 4 star in the 2020 class. Terrance is a 6'5 225 pounds combo-forward that has a very complete game for a high school senior.   He has a nice shot from 3, a mid-range game, but also loves to mix it up in the post and gets boards.   He seems like an all around player and the type of skill set we have rarely seen in Ann Arbor.   Terrance averaged just under 16 points with 5 boards in the EYBL.

With Todd, Michigan currently has the #4 class in the country just behind the blue bloods basketball programs.  Todd is still a question mark, if he will stay with college or go overseas for a few dollars.  Either way, Juwan has proved to be a top notch recruiter, with still one more 5 star guard Josh Christopher considering Michigan as well.   His son Jace will also end up in the class.

Michigan travels to East Lansing on Sunday without a healthy Livers.

  • Michigan lost a good coach and even a better recruiter yesterday when Chris Partridge took what seems to be the co-DC role at Ole Miss for Lane Kiffin.   The interesting part of this hire is that Kiffin also hired DJ Durkin after his troubles at Maryland.  Don't love the Kiffin - Durkin match as they both have trouble in their past and seems a bit explosive together.   It was only a matter of time before Partridge left the Wolverines for a bigger role and more dollars, programs were trying to hire him every off season.  Coach Harbaugh found him and turned him into a very good assistant coach. (Coach Brown also had something to do with that)

  • Who might fill Partridge's role? I'm willing to bet its a familiar name:  Devin Bush, Sr. 

  • Rumors are that Anthony Campanile is probably heading out as well, to take a role at Rutgers.  Update - looks more like BC as its DC. 

  • Former Wolverine who was dealing with depression James Hudson played his first game at OT for Cincinnati last night.  He seemed to play well in a game which had an hour 1/2 weather delay and a big UC win. 

  • Nate Woody who was on Harbaugh's non-coaching staff this season, also got a promotion and will be Army's DC.  

  • Blake Corum had a TD in the Under Armour Game last night

  • Tarik Black is hinting at big news on Twitter, I guess he is close to announcing his new school.  My guess would be BC for former OSU DC Jeff Hafley.   Who knows something about covering Black. 

  • Penn State's WR and instate product KJ Hamler is heading to the NFL Draft. 

  • Michigan's OL coach Ed Warriner's son Edward (redshirt sophomore) who is a LB at Michigan State is entering the transfer portal.

  • In a sign of the times, the top ranked TE picked Georgia in the UA game last night because they provide child care. 

  • There seems to be some smoke around Urban Meyer and the Cleveland Browns. 


szanreno said...

Going off an earlier post. Someone please enlighten me to all these adjustments we should have made. Please don't use player substitutions as an adjustment, it's not. It's just one player going in and running the same scheme as the last player. Please remember the defense held Alabama to a tie to their lowest scoring total all season. If it weren't for the last garbage touchdown it would have been the lowest. Shea did not have a good game so what adjustments should we have made on offense and what adjustments should we have made on defense?

Goose said...

Saban's comments were interesting to me. After the game he was asked about half time adjustments. He said they left their base or regular defense & went with his nickle package.
Why is it interesting, because Michigan was gashing them with the run in the first would think saban would go with a bigger package to stop the runs. Instead he went smaller & faster .
Michigan came out and didnt run much coming out after the half. Insted opting to try quick throws.This played right into the defense bama came out with.
Make no mistake adjustments were made at half time by both teams. Harbaugh believed bama would crash linebackers to stop the runs. Whereby opening up shallow passes for gains. It didnt work because saban didnt do what Harbaugh thought he would do.
Opportunity was there to win this one. Touchdowns not field goals. Complete passes down field. Avoid costly penalties. Etc.etc. probably can be said every game.
These are just my thoughts I could be wrong.

EzmoB said...

CP will regret going over to ol miss with lane. Lane has a bad track record, with how long he stays at big programs. He will be out in a year or two and CP will be left looking for a job. He should have pushed to become a Co Def coordinator with Michigan.

BlueManGroup said...

With Ruiz opting for the NFL and Spanellis opting to transfer, will Michigan have the most inexperienced O-line in the country next year? If so, put me down for 9-4 and wake me up in 2021 when Fab5 part II heads into March. And for anyone considering a trip out to Washington in September, make sure the game is at the end of your trip. Michigan will undoubtedly ruin the rest of it for you.

ScottyDoggs said...

Michigan Man: get your names straight... it's Don (the clown)Brown {soon to be out of town}...

All these defensive coaches leaving.... is it a sign of internal mayhem??

I am with Wojo of Detroit News.... he says start Joe Milton and make something out of him.... other than that it's the same old/same/old...

Harbaugh stuck with Patterson (right to the end) one of those automatic floor dusters...stuck in a corner and keeps ramming the wall until battery dead.

All this talk above players getting money (underhanded)...soon it will be legal, and the flood gates will open... I am waiting for the day Bob addresses this issue I do not think until 2021, but some states might start nest year. NCAA had to go along, because too many states passed laws allowing payment to athletes for name sake (Yuck/yuck)

MichiganMan said...

Fire everybody bringing new crew...i like Fleck..