Monday, January 20, 2020

Michigan Monday: Changes Course on Coaching Hires

Was it the internet feedback? Probably not

Was it the Big House Blog questioning the decision? Definitely not

Keeping anything quiet these days is hard to do but Jimmy did exactly that with his hire of former USF DC and Interim Head Coach Brian Jean-Mary.   In fact, Jimmy seemed to have thrown insiders a curve ball as it was reported widely that assistant S&C coach Tank Wright was getting the gig.

BJ-M is exactly what this program needed as he is considered a very strong recruiter with ties to Florida and Texas.  He was a star LB at App. State and has been the recruiting coordinator at Louisville, Texas, and USF.  He grew up in Apopka, Florida (Jeremy Gallon Territory) and brings the recruiting chops the Wolverines lost and maybe even more contacts in the South.

Just speaking of recruiting, Jimmy hired two guys with recruiting area backgrounds that matched Partridge and Camp, Shoop's contacts are in the East and BJ-M is focused in the South.   These are also two great minds in the defensive strategy room.  Michigan basically now has 3 DC's on staff and should be able to mix in a few more looks for future opponents.

I also love that BJ-M is in his mid 40's, knows the LB position like the back of his hand, and will probably work his tail off on the recruiting trail.

This of course leaves open questions on guys like Tank and Devin Bush, Sr.  We did hear that Bush, Sr. might be looking at a role at Mississippi State and I'm guessing Tank was filling in while the two assistant coaching roles where open.

Jay also got a promotion to Special Teams Coordinator and will continue coaching the RB's as well.

  • Micah Mazzccua officially committed to Baylor last night and will be known as David Aranda first recruit.  This isn't a situation to get upset at because Micah's only way to Ann Arbor was probably through prep school and I don't expect he was sent an LOI to sign in December.   Some players stay committed to a program to help their exposure with other programs.   Glad he found a soft place to land as he is from the Biff Poggi's program.  

  • Both Jon Runyan and Mike Onwenu dominated at the Guard position in the East West Shrine Game over the weekend.  I'm guessing both helped their draft stocks.  Even though Jon played tackle at Michigan, I believe he projects to Guard in the NFL. 

  • Chad Henne has a chance to win a Super Bowl Ring with KC.  

  • Did you know that Karan Higdon spent all year on the Texans practice squad and the Texans signed him to a futures contract for next season last week?  I didn't and was expecting we might see him in the XFL.  Good for him! 

  • If you watched the NFL Championship Games last night you might have seen RB Raheem Mostert run for 220 yards and 4 TD's for the 49'ers.   What might surprise you, is that he played his college football at Purdue.  

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MichiganMan said...

Bob are you hearing anything about Don Brown being let go... the rumors swirling that Jim Harbaugh is going after Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator