Monday, January 6, 2020

Michigan Monday: Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Stop Sniffing Glue

Wow, that was some week we just had has Michigan fans.  I'm glad its over and we can start anew today.  I know you don't want me to re-cap but I will for our readers that might have watching nothing but Netflix for the past week:
  1. - Wednesday -  Alabama flexes its muscle in the 2nd half and beats the Wolverines.  
  2. - Wednesday-  Michigan Basketball gets 2020 4 star forward Terrance Williams. 
  3. - Thursday - Chris Partridge goes to Ole Miss 
  4. - Thursday - Stephen Spanellis enters the transfer portal 
  5. - Friday - Michigan's talented center Cesar Ruiz announces he is headed to the NFL 
  6. - Saturday - Michigan receives the public commitment of 4 star CB DGW (he is already signed)
  7. - Saturday - DPJ announces he will also go to the NFL 
  8. - Saturday - The greatest Wolverine QB is knocked out of the playoffs and could retire  
  9. - Sunday - The media is reporting that BC and Rutgers are in a bidding war for Michigan assistant Anthony Campanile as its DC. 
  10. - Sunday - A short handed Michigan Basketball squad gets run in East Lansing.
  11. - Sunday - Nico Collins decides to stay for his Senior Year.
That is a hell of a lot of news between Wednesday-Sunday.  It's strange that Michigan lost its top 2 centers on the depth chart in two days.  There was some reports that Zach Carpenter was taking 2nd team snaps in Bowl Practice.   Talk about the depth chart opening up for him! 

DPJ's decision was and wasn't surprising.  I was hoping he would stay and kill it as a senior, but he decided to head to the NFL.  Right now ESPN has him as the 10th WR in the draft, I'm sure he will climb the rankings with a good NFL combine and team workouts.   It is a very deep WR draft class. 

The commitment of DGW was not a surprise as he signed last month and asked the team to keep it quiet.  He will be enrolling early and might be on campus already.   CB was a  position of need in this class.  

Deep thought of the day:  If Michigan's defense has been the difference in this team going from good to great?  Then why are other programs coming for Michigan's defensive assistant coaches every off season?  This includes Michigan's biggest rival Ohio State, who took two last off season and now OSU DC who is the head coach at BC is going after another.  

The best news of the weekend was that Nico is staying, he said he wanted to get his degree and had unfinished business.   

Michigan Basketball probably wasn't going to win in East Lansing even with Livers, but his scoring is really missed when this team is on the road and it sounds like won't be ready anytime soon.  It also doesn't seem like Michigan runs any offense for Wagner and they really need him to score more.  

  • Former Michigan commit who flipped from Michigan to Georgia on NSD, Otis Reese is rumored to be heading to the transfer portal.   Michigan doesn't really need LB's/Vipers.  There is also a chance that Ed Warriner's son makes history and transfers from MSU to Michigan. 


szanreno said...

After reading the bullet points I wondered the exact same thing on all the defensive people leaving. Then you reiterated it in the rest of your entry. Does make you wonder.

georgemra said...

Over the last few years I've never felt that the defense has been what was holding this team back. The offense has consistently lacked in several areas (most notably QB) and only this year did we seem to lack an inside presence on the D line. I think it's us NOT losing offensive coordinators to other teams which is telling.

Cormac said...

I said this in so many words at another M site, I thought that DPJ's career at Michigan was underwhelming. Yes, he has all this "freakish" physical talent and he is under NO obligation to stay all four years and can go pro whenever he can. But he had one "really" good year, his sophomore year. Number-wise, he regressed from his sophomore to junior year.

With it being a deep year for WRs in the draft, I would have figured that he would've come back for his senior year really polished his craft and had a breakout senior season.

Of the three receivers, I am happy that Nico Collins is staying. IMHO, he was the best of the three.

MichiganMan said...

DPJ and Black are both garbage... if they were on Ohio State or Alabama or even LSU these two players will never see the field...i am happy he is leaving...

Goose said...

Michigan man ☀️ your a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark and gloomy world. Thanks for enriching us again today.

MichiganMan said...

You got it my dude!!

Cormac said...

michigan man, why don't you leave? Where do you get off calling DPJ and Black garbage? DPJ has done more on the field than you have ever done even in your twisted dreams.