Monday, January 13, 2020

Michigan Monday: National Championship Night

I don't have anything on Michigan's loss to a bad Minnesota team yesterday.  I do have a PSA for you: if you want to remain a sane Michigan sports fan this winter, just watch Michigan Basketball at home or neutral site games.   Nobody in the Big Ten seems be able to win on the road this season.

When you watch the game tonight, I want you to watch with Maize and Blue glasses on.  What I mean by that, look at the difference between both LSU and Clemson and our beloved Wolverines.  

What are the major differences you see?  I would love your feedback in the comments on Tuesday.

I have watched both teams a few times and I will give you my list.

  1. Talent level.  Each team has athletes at every level/positions.  
  2. Defensive Tackles are real DT's.  Look to see the 300+ pound human beings on the interior defensive line.  (Not beefed up DE's or LB's) 
  3. Speed at Skill Positions.  There are fast guys everywhere. 
  4. How running the ball at the QB position, extends drives and wins games.
I have flip flopped on Don Brown from loving him to hoping he finds a new job outside of Ann Arbor.  With that said, I don't believe Michigan has a coaching problem.   I believe the 4 bullet points above are the differences from going Good to Great in Ann Arbor.   Michigan played Alabama and OSU and the talent difference was clear.  I believe Harbaugh has closed the gap but Michigan still has a long road until they have an LSU turnaround (which should be the example Michigan uses). 

The last time LSU won a NC, it was a huge turning point for Michigan's program.  If LSU wins tonight, maybe Michigan's curse will be over.   :)

  • Jimmy's brother John had a crushing loss on Saturday as the Ravens were expected to advance and maybe play in another Super Bowl. 

  • Ambry Thomas confirmed he was coming back to Michigan next season.  The depth chart is a bit thin at CB so this was good news. 

  • For a University that has gone through one of the highest profile sexual assaults scandals in history.   It's unbelievable that MSU still keeps a football coach that brought Auston Robertson to campus.  Losing football games doesn't compare to bringing a sexual predator to campus and putting every female student at risk.   Mark Dantonio makes a $4.3M bonus on Wednesday, every dollar should go directly to Robertson's victims.  


Pblue17 said...

I can tell you the biggest differences they have coaches that have supreme confidence in there players. They have NFL defensive lines and DBs. Clemson has the BEST in game coaches in the business they coaches circles around OSU. I could keep going but that would be the major differences without seeing the game

Pblue17 said...

And last they have QBs that don’t constantly miss reads and wide open wideouts

Rudy said...

Given that Sparty is trying to recover from Nassur, I really thought they'd take a harder line with Damtonio. Even if they could overlook the poor performance on the field, how would they overlook the recruiting of known rapists? Yet, sparty proves me wrong again and proves once again there is no desire for any resemblance of character and integrity at sparty U.

MichiganMan said...

Boat Harbor Brothers like the hole in the middle.... two dumbasses.... they tried to run Lamar Jackson up the middle both on 4th and one

MichiganMan said...


MichiganMan said...

Bob I don't think the talent difference isn't that much of a gap... Michigan is recruiting at top 10.... if teams there are on bottom 10 competing against these team why can't Michigan?.... it's all about coaching and putting the right players on the field... khaleke Hudson and metallic should never been on the field... there is no definite position for khaleke Hudson too small for linebacker too slow for DB... he should have been replaced with a bigger linebacker

MichiganMan said...

All the Don Brown lovers go kiss his feet and tell him how great he is

DP-Grand Haven said...

Explosive Offenses. I cant tell how good the defenses are. Speed in space. Great QB's. The pace of the game is more of a two minute offense wide open. No 3 yard passes. Gunslingers-go for broke. Exciting, not a rope a dope approach.