Thursday, January 23, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Not Good

Michigan's Basketball team is pretty good when everyone is healthy and hitting shots.  When one of their upperclassman goes out with injury and the 3 ball isn't dropping they are pretty bad.   Last night was another example as the Wolverines got embarrassed on their home floor by Penn State.

Michigan was lost on both sides of the court, Teske is struggling guarding anyone and Michigan as a whole is giving up way too many open looks.   The offense is turning the ball over and struggling to shoot the ball.   Those struggles make Michigan look like a bottom tier Big Ten team, which is exactly where they find themselves in the standings.

Livers better be sleeping in a hyperbaric camber!

  • Todd Graham who has had a few head coaching jobs in college, got another one, this time Hawaii.   Not a bad place to land.  

  • Boise State is suing the Mt. West over TV money.   

  • Drew Henson is working with the QB's at the Senor Bowl and wants to be an NFL scout.   Don't go to the Yankees Drew! 

  • From PFF's senior bowl notes:  Michigan’s Josh Uche, however, might be the one who actually sticks as a pass-rusher. He checked in at 241 with 33-inch arms and has been putting on a pass-rushing clinic the past couple days. He’s not only gotten around the edge consistently, but he’s gotten movement on tackles via the bull-rush.

  • Coy Cronk the IU OT grad transfer that Michigan was kicking the tires on, has transferred to Iowa.   I doubt there was much interest from either side in Coy coming to Ann Arbor. 


Cmfgoblue said...

So i just read yesterdays posts and was talking WHOA... Michigan has never cheated? Anyone remember Bo making sure to have a jersey that would tear away from the opponents hands while trying to tackle one of the better WRs to ever play for us ? You see i was born in 86... so i dont but i sure did read it in “If these walls could talk”.... deliberately making ways to help us to win was what Bo did.... this is BULLSHIT! What a bunch of whiny shit! Osu has a professional football program! YEAH NO SHIT... how many teams are there in the world? How many countries play? Sooo we play in the second highest level in all the world and have since the dawn of time and we are just realizing that these are professional organizations? Jim coached in the Super Bowl for fuck sake! So that means he is a pro right? So why would we not want to run a professional program? Shouldnt every organization want to be professional? Its time to bring the gun to the gun fight and that does not mean means we need a LEADER!!!! not this NEVER was coach

Cmfgoblue said...

This entire country is founded on hard work, innovation, pride, power , and manipulation.... this is simple.... we must push harder.... think clearer...react wiser.....respond quicker....we must broaden our abilities in all things football... find inspiration like great men and women always have.... we have all worked with cheaters since the classroom... or since childhood in ways....we all have a choice as a fanbase.... just like we do as people.... ensure the integrity of our young men by holding them to high standards...they are doing great in many ways and we are all proud... but.... (always in one) we CAN win and we CAN be champions while being good students and good teachers and good people... they have not been champions and we cannot change the tide of others... but we surely CAN win it all even with the cheaters