Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Better Team Won

Vegas probably took a bath on the National Championship game, as the rumor was all the money was on LSU and for good reason.   It was basically a home game and they have one of the most confident QB's under center that I have seen in college football.

As much as we want to hope, Michigan is not close to either team.   Both teams had elite QB play (even though Lawrence struggled at times), elite RB's, and elite WR play.   Clemson on defense went with 3 DL's, 1 LB, and 7 DB's to try to stop the LSU passing game.   That and some bad field position worked for a quarter, until the LSU figured it out.  Then it was over.

I was also impressed by both defensive lines and how they were able to rush the passer even with only 3 guys rushing.   The lack of quality DT recruiting is going to hurt Michigan upfront for years to come.

Good job on the comments from yesterdays post!

LSU was the best team and it was a Cinderella year for them.  Congratulations to the LSU Tigers, now everyone is 0-0 again and its time to get back to work and see if the Wolverines can shrink the gap.

  • Time Machine commit from DB Myles Rowser in the 2022 class.  Myles is an instate product at Belleville and brother of Andre Seldon.   Still very early for 2022 rankings but he is not in 24/7 way too early top 100.  Myles continues the brother theme for the 2022 with Alex VanSumeren the only 2 commits in that class so far.  Myles reports a Penn State and West Virginia offers so far. 

  • Michigan finishes 18th in the final AP Poll.  Michigan lost to the #3,#8, #9, and #11 teams in the nation.   At least there wasn't any bad loses this year. 

  • In an expected move,  LB Edward Warriner has transferred from MSU to Michigan to join his dad who is the Wolverines OL coach.  Ed was a 3 star LB and probably will have to sit out next year with 2 to play.  No word if he is on scholarship or a walk-on, either way I support this move to keep daddy happy.  


Rudy said...

We had a good QB in Patterson and ended up with a good record. What we witnessed was great teams with great QBs. UM's D, while vulnerable at times could have still been good enough to get to the playoffs. QB didn't do enough in the critical situations which the great QBs do. So far, looks like we have more good QBs on the roster, have yet to see anything to think we have a great QB on the roster. Really hope I'm wrong.

Goose said...

What I noticed most regarding the difference between michigan and the teams in the championship.
1. Physicality from the lines to the wide receivers to the db's. They play more physical than we do. Wide receivers block and physically engage db's doing everything possible to complete the play. Same goes for o line and D line
2. The coaches trust the players on the field. Often not settling for the safe play but trusting your qb & receivers to make the 50/50 catch.
3. Adjustments both coaches making in game adjustments to try and get the win rather than sticking with a game plan that is just not working.
4. I gotta say it again they were WAY more physical. Michigan can out physical lower tier competition but we lose our swagger when faced with an equal or better opponent. Like a playground bully tough against little kids but when cowers when confronted by a bigger tougher kid.

That's my thoughts. Maybe next year won't be as frustrating as the last 12 or so.

Cmfgoblue said...

So Harbaugh is still the coach right? ... seems there is nothing to discuss...

MichiganMan said...

We have good players and they are not used correctly. Patterson is a dual threat QB, but he was used as a pocket passer. Then we also have players like khalek Hudson and Mettalus who should have never played. I think Michigan does have good to great players. Garbagebauh conservative approach to the game, make the players look like they are not good enough. Last night, was just good coaching, and good play calling that is only difference. I bet you if those coaches were to coach Michigan we would be in the playoffs.

FIRE DON BROWN...why is not fired yet?

Blue for Life!!

Cmfgoblue said...

Coaching, Qb play, Strength of Schedule, thats college football... soooo we stink.... but we could do so much better.... good recruiting and a great fan base with incredible stadium will continue to be strengths but that alone cannot complete the needs for a Championship.... the athletic department has us set up for exactly what we are... 9-3....