Friday, February 14, 2020

Michigan Friday: Damn Duncan

Raise your hand if you thought Duncan Robinson was going to be solid NBA player/starter?  My hand isn't raised and I would have been surprised anyone outside of Duncan's family would have their arm in the air.  

Now he has set an NBA record.  He is the quickest player in NBA history to hit 200 three pointers.  He has done it in 69 games, Luka and Donovan Mitchell were the fastest with 84 games.   Duncan will also be participating in this weekend All Star Game 3 point contest.

Well done Duncan!

  • Tom Mars the lawyer from Patterson's eligibility case, has quickly removed himself from the Curtis Blackwell legal team. 

  • Michigan Basketball takes on IU on Sunday. 

  • If you're a fan of TomVH who used to be a Michigan recuiting insider, he is now doing some golf articles for ESPN and they are pretty good. Here is one about Tiger Woods and his new Bridgestone golf balls. 

Happy Valentines Day to all the Big House Blog Inmates!  🌹

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Cormac said...

After reading Pat Forde's article, I do believe that there is a 5 alarm fire in East Landfill!