Thursday, February 13, 2020

Michigan Thursday: How Much Are You Paying Mel?

Reports are that Mel Tucker with his 14 jobs and 5 head coaching wins got $5.5M a year or $33M over 6 years.  I guess they really didn't like Mike Tressel!  As he would have probably taken the job for $1M a year and a warm ham sandwich.

Beggars can't be choosers

Welcome coach!  Your predecessor didn't really recruit the last two years and many of your current players are in the transfer portal.  Spring Practice is in a month and you don't have a staff.   Welcome to East Lansing glad you signed a 6 year contract.

  • Speaking of staff it seems Mel has already reached out to assistants on Kentucky's staff.  That staff has been working hard in Ohio to pick up OSU's left overs.  Which would be an improvement in East Lansing. 

  • Michigan Basketball cruised to an easy win after a slow start outside of Chicago last night against the worst team in the Big 10 Northwestern.  Brooks had 18, Livers is back with 17, and Austin Davis is making a play for starting minutes with 9 points over the struggling Teske. 

  • Mitch McGary is starting a marijuana business in Michigan.  Do something you love. 

  • If you remember, Michigan was recruiting Brenden Rice a WR that picked Colorado and of course is Jerry's son.  He went on social media, saying MSU Football just followed him on twitter then this:  why would I want to go to the lil bro school.  Former Dallas Cowboys great Drew Pearson is also very mad at Mel Tucker, who recruited his grandson to Colorado.  No word if either NFL legend's family members are asking out of thier LOI's or entering the transfer portal.   


MichiganMan said...

Big mess in little bro school...they have 6.6 mil pool to hire assistants.

szanreno said...

Lil bro school, The Ohio State, big messes in the Big Ten!