Monday, March 16, 2020

Michigan Monday: I Don't Know

Its hard to find things to write about when there isn't any sports.  Tom Brady seems to be looking for a new job and that's about it for sports news. 

  • Fromer Harbaugh player at San Diego Joe Staab seems to be joining Jimmy's staff.   Joe will be a defensive analyst.

  • Michigan makes the top 10 for KY WR Dekel Crowdus, who is rated a 4 star WR.

  • CA 2021 4 star DT Victory Vaka has Michigan in his top 5.

  • Rick Pitino is back and will coach Iona or at least before the NCAA gives him a show clause. 

  • Shea Patterson, DPJ, and Sean McKeon had their own Pro Day, filmed it and sent it to NFL GM's. 

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Renegade said...

Apparently the 49ers said no to Brady and the Titans signed Tannehill. Doesn't leave much left for Brady.