Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Hits The Bullet Points

  • Zavier Simpson was named 2nd Team All Big Ten 

  • Franz Wagner made the All Big Ten Freshman Team 

  • Livers was honorable mentioned

  • Former IU QB Patrick Ramsey is transferring to Northwestern 

  • Ohio State is changing its name to Online State as all classes will now be online due to the COVID19 Virus. 


Rudy said...

Suckeyes never really cared about academics anyway. In fact, if an athlete has a high school diploma and a clean police record, chances are the ButtGuys aren't interested.

szanreno said...

Not true. They will recruit you and promise to change all that by making sure you will have a police record by the end of your freshman year. Don't tell me they don't care.

MichiganMan said...

Once again delusional fans..... you right guys Michigan will win the championship this year.... Don Brown will have the best defense
.... give respect to those team that deserve respect stop putting them down..... blue for life

szanreno said...

MichiganMan it's way too easy to draw you out to defend your beloved buckeyes. What a douch. Hahaha!!!

Coach Anderson said...

Michigan man is trolling again.

MichiganMan said...

Guys just because we are not winning, it doesn't mean we can just talk about other programs...No, I am not fan of OSU or anyone, it just that we are garbage.

Blue for Life!