Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Manny Being Manny

We haven't had a Manny Harris update in quite awhile.  Manny had 35 points and 9 assists for Hapel Holon BC in Israeli's Pro Winners League.  Love that Manny is still making money on the court still scoring at a high level.

Curtis Blackwell is a content machine, he is now coming out with more NCAA Violations that Mark Dantonio may have initiated including the taping of an opponents practice.  Other allegations include that they paid benefits to recruits parents and tried to recruit other schools players to transfer to East Lansing.    Dear MSU and Mark Dantonio legal team, you better settle and shut this dude up.   Or not and let him continue to throw more gasoline on your tire fire of a program.  I guess we are past the "Pride" stage and now just falling.

  • LB Devin Gil has decided to enter the transfer portal, this isn't a surprise.   There are some insider reports that Joey Velazquez is now the #2 OLB (he also plays baseball).   Good Luck to Devin as a grad transfer. 

  • Coach B will be doing color on BTN during the Big Ten Tournament.  

  • Gronk could head to the WWE, Brady is looking for a job as well.  Could Brady be his manager - Bobby the Brain Brady?


MichiganMan said...

Can't wait til the season to start....just may watch the game in Washington

Rudy said...

Blackwell just doing the drip drip drip of destroying sparty. Betting he's still got some ammo in the chamber to still drop. Even if half of what he says is not true, there's enough to force the ncaa to go through sparty u with a fine tooth comb and burn the program to the ground. "Where's your messiah now" sparty? Is dantonio still a great guy cuz you tasted success or is he the dbag others thought cuz he sold his soul to win!