Thursday, May 14, 2020

Michigan Thursday: The Clarkston Combo

This year the State of Michigan might have better senior high school top tier talent then the State of Ohio.   Which is saying something.

Part of that talented group is 2 prospects from Clarkston, Michigan: 4 star OT Garrett Dellinger and 4 star OG Rocco Spindler.   Garrett is 6'6 and 280 and just released his final 4 yesterday.   Rocco is 6'5 and 295 pounds and plans to release his top 5 next week.  

Garrett who insiders believe is leading towards LSU, also included Michigan, PSU and Ohio State as his finalists.   Most of Rocco's crystal balls are leaning towards the Wolverines.  

Jimmy and staff have their work cut out for them, as these two talented offensive lineman and the #2 rated RB in the country Donovan Edwards are seen as must wins for the Wolverines.   Can Michigan keep these talented player home?  Time will tell.

Recruiting Coordinator Matt Dudek, takes us through how a normal visit would go for a prospect vs. what is happening today:

“Let's go through a visit, for example, when they come to campus, they're greeted by me and my staff, as well as the coaching staff. We take them around the building for a building tour or a photoshoot, meeting with Herb, meeting with nutrition, meeting with academics or campus tours to the stadium, we sit down with your position coach, sit down with the head coach and all those things are roughly an hour each. You got to keep the day moving because, at the end of the day, they leave. They got to go to the next school, they got to go home, whatever the case may be.
“So an eight-hour visit, you get about an hour of everything. Then you're not doing that follow up call to get on a Zoom or FaceTime and do more chalk talk with Don Brown. Has it happened? Sure, of course it's happened. Would it happen twice a week three times a week at 9 pm? Probably not. Because, again, Don's on the road at this time. I say Don, every one of our 11 coaches are doing exactly the same thing. It's just he called me after his nine o'clock last night that's fresh in my mind. It's one of those deals that I think that building and layering that communication and that relationship, I would say it's just it's building a better Michigan communication and relationship."


Goblu said...

I honestly have no clue what Dudek is saying in that quotation. Anyone able to translate for me? It's very convoluted.

Cmfgoblue said...

I am just as lost! I don’t like our chances for Spindler... we have no chance on the other 2