Thursday, May 28, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Donnie Is Having a Good Week!

Before Sunday, Don Brown 2021 class had a lot of "high ceiling" guys on it.  Which in recruiting circles means 3 star guys who mostly project to late career starters or special teams roles.  Each class needs these type of players but you hope to add the high star guys first.   Since Sunday Don has added three 4 star prospects with the latest coming last night. 

Kechaun Bennet is a 4 star DE out of CT.  He is 6'4 220 pounds and rated the #1 player in Connecticut.   His clearly also a good student as his offer list included the likes of Duke, ND, Cal, GT, Miami, Pitt, PSU, Nebraska, Purdue, BC and many more.   24/7 Composite has KB ranked as the 21st SDE in the country

“I am super excited right now,” Bennett said. “This is actually crazy with me going to Michigan, especially being from Connecticut. This is wild.”

"I was always leaning toward Michigan from the jump," Bennett said. “I kind of always knew I wanted to go to Michigan so I committed. They stood out because of the culture they have, and a couple of people from Suffield, they said I could go to Michigan and do well.”

KB clearly needs to put on a few pounds and probably is not playing against top talent in CT.  I see a redshirt year heading his way, so he can add some weight and muscle on that 6'4 frame.    We give Don the business for loading up with guys from the North East but this seems like a very good fit for the Wolverines. 

Michigan now has the 5th ranked class in the country, which should make it a little more interesting for guys like Donovan and Rocco.  Spindler seems to be down to Michigan and ND and Edwards seems to be more open in his recruitment. 

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