Friday, June 19, 2020

Michigan Friday: Does Dan Patrick Have Inside Information?

I'm always a bit leery of inside reports from national radio hosts.  Colin Coward one time said that UConn was heading to the Big Ten.   Now, Dan Patrick has some inside information that the Big Ten and PAC 12 are only going to play conference games this Fall. 

Ok, that makes sense if its true, but how are they going to do that? 

Would Michigan play their schedule as is and start 9/26 against Wisconsin?

Would the 3 non-conference games (@Washington, Ball State, and Virginia Tech) be replaced with Big Ten opponents? 

Will these all be Michigan home games?  I think we all would prefer that! :)

Would Michigan at least have a MAC game prior to conference play?

We are 10 weeks from playing football and we don't even know what the schedule is.   Not good. 

  • Michigan had 2 players test positive for COVID.  No names where given.  

  • Speaking of UW, they just picked up a grad transfer QB from Sacramento State 

  • OSU and Bama signed a home and home contract

  • Per Warde, breaking COVID protocols is breaking team rules. 

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