Friday, June 5, 2020

Michigan Friday: Former Wolverine Zips Over To The MAC

I hate not knowing the entire story when kids transfer.   Is there is an issue with the position coach?  Is there an issue with the Coordinator or maybe even Jimmy?  Is it playing time?  What's the deal?

Jaylen Kelly-Powell was a 4 star Safety out of Cass Tech in Detroit.  He enrolled early and got his degree in 3 years.  In that time he only played in 7 games and made a total of 4 tackles for the Wolverines.  

Injuries and position changes didn't seem to help JK-P.  He was at safety, nickel, and then CB.  Michigan clearly needs depth at CB and it seems Jaylen didn't have a path to playing time in the next two years, so he jumped in the portal.  

He announced this week that he was going to play the next two years at Akron.  I know everyone wants to play, but being a backup DB the next 2 years and possibly getting a graduate degree from Michigan vs. playing in Akron has to be a tough decision.   There was also a possibility that Jaylen wouldn't be offered a 5th year in Ann Arbor as well. 

Either way, good luck to him and hopefully he finds a new home in Akron and maybe gets to meet LeBron someday.

  • Looks like most of the Big Ten Football programs are starting to open their doors starting on 6/15 on a limited basis.  

  • There is some buzz that a Michigan - LSU home and home might be in the works. I hope Warde has someone else negotiating the contract with LSU.  

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