Friday, July 31, 2020

Michigan Friday: The Big Ten Season is Fluid

You measure a leader by the decisions he or she makes during difficult times.   We are 100% in uncharted waters and the Big Ten doesn't know what to do.    The decision to play or not, practice or not, and the Big Ten's response, maybe?

The Big Ten sent a note to schools today that they will decide in the next 5 days, if the season is going to happen and if teams should start camp.    This is a difficult decision but it seems the SEC and ACC are moving forward with a season.   

In a very limited sample size we have seen the NBA bubble be successful so far,  MLB struggling, and the NFL is moving forward with a season.    Michigan Football can keep their players in a relative bubble until the students come back to Ann Arbor.   When students are back, parties will happen, and players will get the virus.   There is little to no doubt that will happen.  

As we wait for the Big Ten schedule, the Big Ten office also wanted to make it clear that even if a schedule is released, that doesn't guarantee a season will occur. The Big Ten is considering playing divisional games first and then cross divisional games later in the season.   We will take any Michigan Football we can get this season, even if that means playing OSU in September or October.   I don't understand what is going to happen in the next 5 days that would sway the decision on playing one way or another.  

If the Big Ten season is fluid, take Bruce Lee's advice and "be like water". 

I have stayed away from the Dr. Robert Anderson subject on this blog for a few reasons.   Its a horrific topic and the perpetrator is gone.     Reports are now coming out that Bo knew and so did former AD Don Canham.   I'm not a lawyer or know how liable Michigan is after all these years, but things need to happen and happen quickly on figuring this terrible situation out.   I spoke about leadership in difficult times, this is another example and finding a way to compensate the victims and doing the right thing.   I grew up in Ann Arbor and his name sounds familiar but he was not our family doctor.  

  • There are 8 former Wolverines in the NBA Bubble.  That is a pretty impressive stat and a sign where the basketball program has come.  

  • 3 star East Lansing WR Andrel Anthony announces tonight and now has 100%  CB predictions to Michigan.  Tuesday he had 100% to MSU.  

  • SEC is also moving to a conference only schedule and will start in late September.   Which sounds like Rod Stewart song.  

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Cormac said...

I think that I was reading the same (ESPN) report. It said that a LOT of people in A2 knew back then. If Bo and Canham knew, that is damning.