Monday, July 20, 2020

Michigan Monday: Some Weekend News and Notes

  • 2021 RB recruit Prophet Brown picked USC.  He had Michigan in his final group.   USC recruiting is starting to turn around.  

  • OSU flipped Clemson commit in CB Jordan Hancock.  They still have the #1 class in the nation. 

  • Former Michigan recruit and Nebraska WR, JD Spielman is transferring to TCU and is expected to get a waiver to play right away.   JD is the son of the Vikings GM and nephew to famous Detroit Lions LB Chris.  

  • Michigan Basketball recruit 5 star SG Matthew Cleveland is expected to announce his decision on Tuesday.  Many expect a FSU decision here. 

  • Michigan has had 4 people test positive for COVID

  • Trevor Lawrence got engaged on Friday

  • Central Michigan tight end Tony Poljan is transferring to Virginia

  • Alabama was supposed to open their season against USC in Dallas.   BYU was supposed open against Utah.   Now Alabama may open against BYU.   The Cougars have lost 5 total games due to the Big 10 and PAC 12 conference only decisions including games against MSU and Minnesota.  

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