Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Wojo Tweets Causes A Stir

When Wojo tweets big NBA news, its known as a WOJO bomb.  His tweet yesterday wasn't shocking but it did hit close to home.  

Coach was quick to tweet out he was staying at U of M and had work to do, which is good but leads to what we see every year with Coach Harbaugh and has quickly happened to Coach Howard.   Good college coaches are always going to be wanted by professional leagues.   Funny that Urban Meyer's name is rarely seriously mentioned with an NFL opening.  Funny side note, if Juwan did jump to the league, does that mean Coach B would come back in some sort of trade? :)

If you have watched any of the NBA Bubble you have seen a very good team in the Miami Heat that has one superstar, really good shooting, and a strong defense.   Coach Spoelstra is a very good coach and Juwan has learned from him and Pat Riley.    He has great mentors and the NBA will come knocking again.  

CWeb even mentioned a conversation on TNT he had with Juwan a couple days ago about LeBron last night as the Lakers were running the Blazers off the floor.  

  • Michigan comes in at #16 in the first AP Poll.  OSU #2 and PSU #7.  I have a feeling all 3 teams will go undefeated this fall.  

  • Remember Myles Rowser a 4 star safety in the 2022 class that committed early and de-committed early?  He moved high schools from Belleville to IMG.  He is now heading back to Belleville.   Myles is also the brother of current true freshman Andre Seldon.  

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