Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Wolverine Wednesday: Xavier Makes a Huge Jump In The Rankings

I think many Wolverines fans would agree that one of the most exciting commits in the 2021 class is California WR Xavier Worthy.   He has elite speed, great hands, and could be a very exciting college football player.   His team is not playing this fall and he has opted out of the high school spring season.    Hopefully, he can enroll in A2 in January.  

The recruiting services have been a little late to the party on Xavier has his ranking wasn't matching his potential.   They have finally caught up:

24/7: He jumped a 100 spots and now the #74th player in the country and 11th WR

Rivals: Was a low 3 star, now in the top 100 as the #57th player in the country and a 4 star, also the 11th WR in the country.  

"My goal since I was young was always to play in the NFL, that's a dream of mine," Worthy told 247Sports West Coast analyst Greg Biggins. "The quicker I can get to college and start making plays, the sooner I can make that happen. Hopefully I can still play in the All-American Bowl if that's still going on, that would be great as well. Right now, my main focus is getting to Michigan and making an impact as soon as I can."

This change makes X the 3rd rated recruit in this class behind JJ and Gio on 24/7.

With Michigan's 2020 class, I feel like the change is happening and that change is SPEED.  


MichiganMan said...

Bob stop saying speed in space... there is no speed in space in Michigan... Harbaugh is old school slow and 🔥 Dump Brown... I love him as a grandfather not as a defensive coordinator

Cmfgoblue said...

Every time I see Don Brown I want to go fishing

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Hey BuckNutsBoy I've read the post twice I see no where Bob mentioned "speed in space". Just claimed the kid has speed. Try to make your hatred a little less obvious.