Monday, September 14, 2020

Michigan Monday: 2 Commits and Progress Towards Football

That was an interesting weekend for college and NFL football.  The games are weird, the best way for me to explain the NFL yesterday was, it looked like NFL players playing in front of an XFL crowd.    Just weird. 

Michigan had a very good weekend on the recruiting trail:

2022 - MA 4 Star LB Tyler Martin - is a 6'3 230'ish LB that Michigan has been recruiting since he was 15.   Even though he was a known player, he separated his shoulder last year and his offer list took a hit, which includes the likes of  Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, BC, UVA, Syracuse, Vandy, and Dartmouth.  Lots of other Big Ten schools are recruiting Tyler and wanted him to visit after COVID.   Tyler is the classic MA Don Brown recruit and we welcome him to Ann Arbor in a couple of years. 

2021 - TX 3/4 star RB Tavierre Dunlap committed to Michigan.  TD is 6'0 and 200 pounds who rushed for 2790 yards and 36 TD's over the last 2 seasons.  This commitment was expected just not last weekend.  Dunlap will hopefully fill one of the RB spots next to Edwards in this class.   24/7 has Dunlap as a 4 star but the composite is a 3 star rank.   Dunlap's offer list is very strong and includes the likes of ND, USC, OK State, Nebraska, MSU, ASU, UW, UCLA, Utah, Va Tech and many more.   Michigan didn't offer until May but it seems Jay Harbaugh did a strong job here and pulled a Texas RB out of Big 12 country.  Welcome!

Big Ten Football news is stuff you probably know.   The committee in charge of understanding medical information, new testing protocols, and safety measures to return to football/Big Ten sports had a successful meeting with the Big Ten Presidents on Sunday.   A vote to return to football did not happen and is expected this week.  Best case scenario is a return to play sometime in October.   This feels like real progress and we will see if the Big Ten leaders change their minds.  Brett McMurphy reported on Sunday that if Big Ten Football comes back, all teams will be playing.   There was some thinking a few programs may opt out of the season if it started back up. 

  • With Big Ten Football closer to playing, OSU's CB Shaun Wade has opted out of the season, so he can train for the NFL Draft.   
  • Tom Brady didn't get a win in his first game as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. 
  • DPJ and Uche were both inactive on Sunday
  • Tarik Black had a TD catch on Saturday for Texas in a boat race win
  • Air Force is playing 2 games this year against Navy and Army.  Both a month apart. 


MichiganMan said...

Guys please no football this year safety is most important thing..these young kids need to develop their mind and body they cannot afford to get sick stay home be safe football next year yeah yeah yeah.... Fire down Brown so he won't give up 80 points a game to Ohio State

Cormac said...

Can we please muzzle the clown MM? Hey Bozo, Michigan has the results to be able to play football this fall. You can hide in your closet or with Schlissel underneath his desk.

Let them play! Fire Schlissel!

szanreno said...

Or Miss Johnson as the case may be.

Cormac said...

Dan Patrick is reporting that even if the Big Ten reinstates the fall (sports) season, Michigan might NOT play. If Michigan doesn't play, would the rest of the Big Ten play?

Unknown said...

The notion that "lives are being put at risk" is a complete joke.
That talk is nothing but liberal political BS.
Stop the politics NOW and follow the science.

Do you think the parents of the kids are worried about their children's health.

Enough BS !!!

MichiganMan said...

Guys please, wear you mask...i football...plz....plz

szanreno said...

What science???