Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: Please Stop Dan

Dan Patrick for some reason has become the voice of Big Ten's return.  He seems to have a mystery source that is feeding inside information.  The issues is, outside the original report in August that the Big Ten was shutting down, he hasn't been accurate at all.  

His latest report from yesterday, is that Michigan, MSU, and Maryland wouldn't play even if the rest of the Big Ten does.   I understand Mark Schlissel's background and the reasons he didn't support sports playing but if the rest of the Big Ten is playing, Michigan is playing.   There isn't one person with enough power and influence to do that, even Michigan's President.   I don't think Michigan's Governor could even do this without Lansing burning down.  

Reports to the opposite of Dan Patrick's report are available from Wisconsin's AD and NCAA reporter Brett McMurphy.   So let's hope Dan got some bad information.    We are still waiting for a vote and a plan to re-start football if the vote is passed.  

  • It was great to see Jake Butt on a football field last night.  Hat tip to the Bronco's for keeping him on the roster.  3 ACL's is just crazy. 

  • Seems Big Mike Onwenu played 22 snaps for the Patriots on Sunday.   They might like Mike at Tackle instead of Guard.  

  • The Dolphins cut Jake Rudock off the Practice Squad.  Thanks Josh Rosen!

  • The Ravens are working out Shea Patterson for a possible practice squad spot/emergency QB situation.   Harbaugh effect in play. 

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Voice of Reason said...

Mark Schlissel and any other B1G president should be fired if they vote not to let the kids play. Even many high school leagues are playing. IMHO!!!