Thursday, September 3, 2020

Michigan Thursday: John says "Free The Big Ten"

In the DC - Baltimore area there are really two powerful people, the guy in the White House and the Super Bowl head football coach.   We have had both chime in on the Big Ten not playing football in the last 24 hours.  First it was President Trump and now it's Jimmy's brother John:

“Free the Big Ten. Let’s go. Let’s go play some football. Let’s get Michigan and Ohio State and all those great teams playing some football out there. Michigan had zero positive tests in August, they’re doing a great job with protocols and those guys want to play.”

There continues to be rumors about October start and a Big Ten President's re-vote today.   I don't believe either.  I think the Big Ten is still researching options and the availability of rapid testing.   Once they have a plan, then they will take it to the Presidents to vote.  My best guess is that November would be the earliest and January the most likely.   I do think it makes sense to play games when students are not around and many Universities are sending kids home after Thanksgiving. 

For your college football viewing pleasure it starts back again tonight:

Central Arkansas vs. UAB 

S. Alabama vs. S. Miss

I thought we would at least get some better games this holiday weekend but sadly, no:

The highlighted teams playing on Saturday include: Marshall, Army, SMU, and Memphis.   With the primetime game of the weekend on Labor Day night:  BYU vs. Navy

At least its football.  

  • Caris LeVert has a new head coach for the Brooklyn Nets,  the legendary Steve Nash.  I like the hire.

Side note: some Detroit News and Free Press articles are now behind the paywall.   I understand they are struggling, but paying for things that have been free for along time is not a good strategy.   I can't believe we have let the Airlines get away with that.   Luggage fees or paying for a regular seat drives me crazy!!


Unknown said...

I am a physician. There is absolutely NO medical reasoning for holding up football at this stage. NONE.
If you argue football should be held up, ALL college sports should be held up annually during the seasonal influenza epidemic. Why? Because death/serious illness rates for healthy patients <25 years old is FOUR TIMES HIGHER for seasonal influenza.

Let's just stop with the nonsense. The scientific and clinical data are clear. Proceeding with football is NOT dangerous...and argument to the contrary is simply politically based BS. "Prudence" can no longer be a legitimate argument for "caution" when we have solid DATA proving we can proceed safely. Even the CYA/litigation argument cannot be made anymore.


Cmfgoblue said...

Mr unknown physician sir? In your esteemed opinion, Have we all seen enough scientific and clinical data to suggest that “coach” Harbaugh sucks ass and should be fired?

Unknown said...

Cmfgoblue.....excellent argument. Thank you for your profound insight into this very important matter.
Your argument carries about as much legitimacy as the 11 Presidents have presented while voting against playing football. Then there is Kevin Warren's egregious fumbling of their decision. Lies were told about "the vote" by the Presidents....because they didn't want to address THE FACTS AND DATA.

The once proud Big Ten Conference is now the laughing stock of the nation. It's time to stop the hemorrhaging, stop the excuses, stop the intellectual hiding and political posturing, and just articulate plainly and speak the truth. Kevin Warren will only dig his hole deeper if he pretends the facts lead anywhere but in the direction of allowing the kids to play.

Aimtubbs said...

This was never about the team or their safety, this was about presidents covering their asses and trying to show the sports programs that they have bigger balls. They have shown themselves to be utter failures. The science says the players have a 10x more likely chance to die in an auto accident than from the virus. Guess that means they won't be taking buses to games anymore?

Cmfgoblue said...

Your very welcome Dr. Unknown, I say let the boys play ball and coach themselves! As far as the presidents, even calling themselves that is hilarious at best, this is about them voting for Joe Biden as well as not wanting to get sued, vote trump and for Dr. Unknown to do the next round of COVID task force briefings

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Unknown, I thought about three weeks ago you said you were done with this blog "too many idiots".

Unknown said...

Must be a different Unknown, Steve
I like to comment section - and this blog - better than Mgoblog. This site needs more witers with different perspectives, but this site is a more no-nonsense site.

Profanity dominates Mgoblog's comment section, IMO

Unknown said...

And it's obvious the Mgoblog is now a woke, liberal Michigan site. They're good, don't get me wrong, but they're not pushing for football because of their political leanings. This site is at least fair.

Voice of Reason said...

"Let them play!


Unknown said...

It's time to FIRE Schlissel. NOW