Thursday, September 10, 2020

Michigan Thursday: Too Many WR's In The Room

WR's are all about social distancing, they want to beat the DB off the line and catch long TD passes.  They also want fewer playmakers on the roster, so they can get on the field quicker and get more passes when they do.   With Josh Gattis now running the offense, he is looking and recruiting play makers with Xavier Worthy and Christian Dixon being the headliners in this class.   

That is why I thought it was a bit strange that Michigan stole the commitment from MSU for instate WR Andrel Anthony.   Michigan already had Ohio's Markus Allen committed, did they really need a 4th WR in this class?

The answer is no, they don't and Markus Allen de-committed yesterday for "not feeling the love" from Michigan.   Recruiting is a strange business, where loyalty is encouraged but flexible on both sides.  When your a program and take an early commit you still try to add the higher ranked players on the board.  When you get the higher ranked guys, you have two choices: slow play the lower ranked player or just flat out process him and tell him there isn't a scholarship available now. 

Seems Michigan went with the slow play route here and Markus Allen pulled the rip cord on his commitment.   Markus has played well so far this season with nearly 200 yards and 4 touchdowns.   He is also playing with a torn labrum.  Could surgery on his injury been a sticking point for the Wolverines?  Hard to know, but it seems the boat has sailed with this talented WR.   His other options include, UC, UK, Georgia Tech, MSU, and Iowa State.  Good luck! 

  • NFL kickoff tonight!  Yes, real football! 

  • 4 star 2022 ILB Tyler Martin is on commit watch for tomorrow


MichiganMan said...

Plz, no football this year....This virus is deadly....if any students die of this virus they should sue the crap out of the university....Fire Don Brown....

MichiganMan said... OSU fans Don Brown he gave up avg. 62pts to OSU...why is here still here...someone explain....