Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Michigan Tuesday: COVID Football

College Football started this weekend, sort of.   I know these were nothing games, but what I watched was horrific football.   There were 9 games this holiday weekend and here are a few scores:

Marshall 59 E Kentucky 0

Army 42 Mid Tennessee 0

Memphis 37 Arkansas State 24

BYU 55 Navy 3

There was only a few competitive games and even one coach got fired/resigned, Jay Hopson at Southern Miss who got upset on Thursday.   Jay was a former Michigan assistant under RR for 1 year. 

What a strange time. 

  • Jimmy supported the parents protest outside the Big House on Saturday and said, they could be ready to play in 2 weeks.  

  • News is starting to leak out that Joe Milton is the starter at QB.  That news will never be confirmed by Jimmy or anyone on staff. 

  • Tarik Black was named a starter at Texas.  I hope his mind and body is right.  If it is, he could have a big year. 

  • Duncan Robinson is getting his revenge for his poor performance against Villanova and Donte DiVincenzo in the NC, during this series with the Milwaukee. 

  • JJ had a very good performance for his first game at IMG. 

  • NFL News:  Jordan Glasgow made Indy and Sean McKeon makes the Cowboys as an UDFA.  With good news comes bad, the cuts included:  Darboh, Chesson, Higdon, and Mettelus.

  • Michigan is trending for 2021 3/4 star Texas RB Tavierre Dunlap. 24/7 Composite has him as a 3 star, 24/7 ranks him as a 4 star.   The hope is Edwards and Dunlap are the 2 RB's in this class. 

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Rudy said...

Wish Black nothing but luck in Texas. But should the kid turn out to have a good season, you have to scratch your head once again on why he wasn't working out in AA. DPJ's play was a bit underwhelming and before you say it was coaching, remember how many balls he dropped. Can't coach catching the damn ball. Black could have been instrumental in the Gattis offense so why pull chocks and bolt? I'm thinking it's more of a chemistry thing going on in that locker room.