Monday, October 26, 2020

Michigan Monday: Waiting on Dax

The biggest mystery out of Saturday night is the status of Michigan's 5 star DB Daxton Hill.   He did a great job of locking down Rashod "Jason" Bateman in the first half but we didn't see him in the second.  No mention from the ABC crew after saying what a great job Dax had been doing on Bateman in the first half.  Jimmy said after the game he was being "evaluated". 

The rumor mill is saying that he could have gotten poked in the eye or had his hand stepped on making a tackle.  I don't expect any details from Jimmy's pressor but hopefully he will follow up with a, "we expect him to play on Saturday" comment.

State of the Big Ten After Week 1

OSU continues to be the leader in the clubhouse for the Championship and after going down 7-0 to Nebraska, never looked back and blew out the Cornhuskers.  

Penn State looked like they were playing a week 1 game against a unique team in IU on the road.  The Hoosiers finally pulled off a top 10 upset.   Again, PSU like Minnesota was over ranked on their results from last year.   Penn State's reward?  To host OSU next weekend.  

Michigan State looked like Rutgers and Rutgers looked like Iowa.   Rutgers won easy in a game that had 10 turnovers.  Rutgers is much better under Schiano and both teams are full of transfers from all over the place.  Michel Dwumfour played well even though he continues to try to stay healthy.  

Wisconsin was going to run away with the West before their starting QB who was expected to be the back-up tested positive this weekend.   If that test is confirmed, he is on the shelf for 3 weeks, which could put Wisconsin in a pretty large hole.   We will see as many of those instant test come back wrong.  

I didn't to watch as much of Purdue - Iowa as IU Penn State was such a crazy game.   I thought Purdue would win as Iowa still seems a little stung with all the racist acquisitions going on.  

Northwestern has IU's QB and made quick work Maryland in a game I didn't even see one highlight from.  I guess Tua's brother started for Maryland but struggled.  

Michigan's job this week in practice is to make 100 fields goals, work on stopping the run, and not to over look Sparty on Halloween.  

  • DPJ had his first NFL TD and it was the winning play for the Browns.  He has gone from being inactive game days to maybe a starter now with OBJ's ACL injury now. 

  • What year is it?  Both Tom Brady and Chad Henne ran for TD's in the NFL yesterday. 


szanreno said...

Kickers are a looney bunch, head games with most of them. Just my opinion, but I think PSU got hosed on Saturday. Glad they lost but... MSU is "The Game" for me. Win this one if you win no other.

MichiganMan said...

Harbor took feature top 10 draft pick Daylan McCaffrey and ruined him